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Tue, Apr 19, 2011

The Death of Jesus Christ

God is the ever-living God. 
Life is in Him(Jn 1:4) and 
To those who know Him He gives eternal life. 

Eternal life is knowing the only true God and 
The One whom He sent – Jesus Christ(Jn 17:3). 

Faith is knowing about the death of Jesus and having a relationship with Him(Jn 13:8) and 
The life of this faith is living on His behalf, whether one lives or dies. 

Men grieve death and are weak before it since it is 
The end of an existence, the end of emotion, sensation, function, authority and duty. 
As one matures, he becomes conscious of death for 
Man is destined to die once and no one can escape such(He 9:27). 

While the world considers the death of Jesus as no different and 
Prefers to not remember such an untimely and gruesome death(Mt 27:39), 
His death, however, was not an individual’s death but 
An event that is relevant to all men in Adam(1Co 15:22-23). 

Deceived by the devil, Adam, a living being, sinned and 
Death entered all men(Rm 5:12), destined for the second death(Rev 20:4). 

The history of Israel has a deep relationship with death. 
On the night of Passover, they witnessed the death of the Egyptians’ firstborns and 
The death of animals in their place(Ex 12:12-13). 
Furthermore, under the Law of Moses, the law of sin and death(Rm 8:2), 
They saw sinners die and animals die in their place. 

The sanctuary where the tablets of the Law were and the sacrifices took place was 
Thus, the reminder of sin and death. 

Jesus said, “Destroy the temple and I will raise it in three days”(Jn 2:19), because 
Through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body, 
He would redeem sins of all men for 
He is the Son whom God sent born of a woman, born under law(Gal 4:4-5), 
The Word in the beginning that became flesh to die(Jn 1:1, Jn 1:14, Jn 2:19). 

As He died, the veil in the temple tore and 
He said, “It is finished”(Jn 19:30), declaring that He: 
Laid down His life according to the Father’s command and fulfilled all deaths and received eternal life(Jn 10:17-18, Jn 12:50); 
Condemned the origin of sin(Ge 3:15; 1Jn 3:8); and 
Tore His flesh and shed His blood, and redeemed the sins of men(Mt 20:28; 1Pe 1:19-20). 
Jesus overcame death and rose, and 
He ascended to the heavenly throne. 

The cross is where sin, the price of sin and the power of death ends(Col 1:14-15; He 10:17) and 
Faith is connecting the death of the first Adam and the death of the last Adam(1Co 15:22, 1Co 15:48): 
Because when Jesus died I also died, 
In His death is my own death(Gal 2:20). 
Therefore, I am forever set free from my sins, the price of my sins and the ruler of death. 

The Holy Spirit lets Christians live the second public-life of Jesus Christ(2Co 5:14-17; Col 1:24). 
For their life, i.e., their authority, duty, dreams etc, died at the cross, 
They no longer live for themselves and instead 
Whether they live or die, they do it for the Lord(Rm 14:7-8), 
Proclaiming His death until He comes back(Ac 5:30; 1Co 11:26) – 
When they will receive eternal life. 

O Lord, 
I say, “Lord, Lord, ” 
Yet I live as an ungrateful betrayer. 
For You died in my place, 
Let me live in Your place! Amen. 
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