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Sun, Jul 31, 2011

Seek the Lost

Seek the Lost 
(Lk 19:5-10) 

God is the Lord of salvation. 
He is the source of eternal salvation(He 5:9; Ps 3:8; Jnh 2:9) and 
He saves and becomes eternal Lord. 

Salvation is only possible when 
In despair or danger of life 
One realizes that there is no method, direction or power for him to escape on his own 
And sends a signal seeking salvation. 

Faith is being found by the Savior and being saved(Ps 119:76) and 
The life of this faith is seeking the lost with the heart of saving souls. 

While God hold on to the angels when they sinned(He 2:16), 
He held on to Adam who sinned because 
He was deceived and became lost(Ge 3:4-5), 
While the devil left his proper domain on his own and became the fallen(Is 14:12-15; Jude 1:6). 

The Israelites are the chosen holy people of God(Jer 50:6). 
God led the flock of sheep that was sold and wandered off to Egypt 
Into the land Canaan. 

Accordingly, the prophets cried out to them to repent(Mt 3:2) and 
They were locked up by the net of the Law(Gal 3:23-24) and 
This was for them to be found by the Savoir Christ. 

Jesus did not come to the world to judge it(Jn 12:47) 
But to seek the lost and save them(Lk 19:10) – that is, 
Those under the Law as sinners(Rm 3:19-20). 

The Holy Spirit pulls them before the cross on Calvary(Gal 3:1) and 
That is where they hear the voice of the Lord who saved(Jn 14:26): 
1. I died in your place(Mt 20:28); and 
2. For there are many rooms in my Father’s house, I will come back and take you there(Jn 14:2-3). 
Christians are those who now 
Know the direction of life and never wander again, and 
Gained the courage to life and never despair. 
Instead, to seek the lost(Mt 10:6), 
They go out to the streets, to the villages and to the ends of the earth. 

While Christ first came to seek sinners, 
When He returns, He will come to not bear sin but seek faith. 

O Lord, 
Thank You for seeking me 
When I was in despair and lost as I tried to life this one life on my own. 
A wretch like me! 
Let those who are still lost even inside the church go back to Calvary and 
When I go out to the world, let me not see men but souls! 
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