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Sun, Sep 04, 2011

Lord, Command Me

God is the Lord. 
By word, He commands and 
By word, He governs. 

Faith is knowing Him and 
The life of this faith is voluntarily seeking His command and being governed by it. 

Adam, the created living being(Ge 2:7), 
Lives by the life-giving spirit given by God(1Co 15:45) – that is, 
The word, command(Jn 12:50). 

Deceived by the devil, however, 
Adam broke the command and sinned. 
Consequently death entered all men(Rm 5:12; Eph 2:1) and 
They became slaves of the devil(2Pe 2:19). 

When the Israelites were slaves in Egypt, 
God sent Moses and commanded the pharaoh to let them go. 

The Law was the word delivered by angel(Ac 7:53; He 2:2), and 
It commanded them, “Do not do”; 
Thus, there was only oppression. 

The Tablets inside the Testimony of the sanctuary 
Reminded them that God was their Lord and they were His people – 
As long as they followed His command. 

Jesus said, “Destroy the temple and I will raise it again in three days”(Jn 2:19-21), because 
Through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body, 
He would reveal that He is the Lord for 
He is the Word that was with God in the beginning(Jn 1:1, 14) who 
Called things that were not as though they were and made all things(Jn 1:3; Rm 4:17; He 11:3) 

Accordingly, while He was in flesh, 
He called the dead as though he was alive(Jn 11:43-44), 
He commanded demons and they obeyed and left(Mk 9:25-56), 
He commanded to the winds and the waves, and it became calm(Mt 8:26), and 
He commanded Peter to come to Him and he walked on water(Mt 14:28-29). 

In spite of the fact that He is the Commander, however, 
The moment He left the Father’s bosom, He became a follower(Jn 12:49). 

As He died, Jesus said, “It is finished”(Jn 19:30), declaring that He: 
Laid down His life according to the Father’s command and received eternal life(Jn 10:17-18; 12:50); 
Condemned the devil, the ruler of death(He 2:14); and 
Shed His blood and redeemed the sins of men, giving life for them to drink(Jn 6:53; Eph 1:7). 

The Father raised Him up and Jesus sat on the heavenly throne(Php 2:6-11), where 
He is the Commander-in-Chief, the Lord of all. 

The gospel is the word announced by the Lord(He 2:3), and 
It commands, “Receive grace”; 
Thus, there is freedom and autonomy(Jn 1:17). 

The Holy Spirit comes to 
Those who received the grace of His redemption and have come alive, and 
Loudly gives instructions to them from deep inside their souls(Ac 1:2). 

The people of the Spirit are those who 
Receive the word as command and run immediately and swiftly(Ps 147:15; Mt 4:19-22). 
They pray, drive out demons and heal, preach, serve, give dedication, 
All because of His command(Mt 7:7; Mk 3:15, 16:17; Ac 1:8; 2Ti 4:2; Gal 5:13; Eph 6:18). 
And they hope to hear the Lord’s loud command, “Rise!” 
When He returns(1Th 4:16). 

O Lord, 
Each moment I am alive, even in my dreams, until my last breath, 
Let the Lord’s command be heard and 
On the day You return, 
Command me to rise! Amen. 
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