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Sun, Sep 11, 2011

By the Grace of God I am What I am

God is the Lord of grace(Ps 111:4). 
Grace comes from Him alone and 
To those who know grace, He abundantly gives all the more(Ex 33:19). 

Faith is knowing the value of grace and 
The life of this faith is knowing everything as grace and giving thanks, and testifying to the gospel of grace. 
“Grace” refers to gift: 
1. It is priceless – no need for any price(Eph 2:8); 
2. It is worthy, costly – it cannot be exchanged with silver or gold or works of men(1Pe 1:18-19); 
3. It is given unilaterally – while it is given more to those who long for it(Rm 8:32), it is seized from those who disregard it(Mt 25:29). 
While God gave grace unilaterally to men, regardless of whether they know it or not, 
He gave it in two stages in order for them to know and receive it(Jn 1:16); 
The former grace – nature – to men – while they live; 
The latter grace – the Only Begotten Son – to souls – eternal life. 
Though through Adam’s sin(Rm 5:12) 
Death entered all men, no one knew it; 
Hence, all were bound to be destroyed. 

The Law came and tt made sin utterly sinful 
and silenced every mouth(Rm 3:19, 5:20-21). 
While the Tablets inside the Testimony of the sanctuary reminded the Israelites this, 
The mercyseat above the Testimony reminded them that God showed mercy to them. 
Thus, every year they gave sacrifices to make atonement for their sins there; 
Yet it was not perfect(He 10:3-4). 

Jesus said, “Destroy this temple and I will raise it in three days”(Jn 2:19-21), because 
Through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body, 
He would give His life as ransom for sinners(Mt 20:28) for 
He is the Word with the Father in the beginning that became flesh, full of grace(Jn 1:1, Jn 1:14). 
As He died, Jesus said, “It is finished”(Jn 19:30), declaring that He: 
1. Laid down His life because He trusted that the Father would give grace toHim who was in Hades and receive His soul(Ps 86:13; Lk 23:26); 
2. Condemned the devil, the ruler of death(He 2:14); and 
3. Carried the sins of men and redeemed them by His blood(2Co 5:21; 1Pe 2:24). 
The Father raised Him up and Jesus sat on the throne of grace(He 4:16), and 
He is the Lord of grace. 
The Holy Spirit is the Sprit of grace who 
Testifies to the gospel of grace(Ac 20:24) and 
Lets believers know the things that God gave as grace(1Co 2:12). 

By grace, one is saved through faith(Eph 2:8) and 
By grace, one is justified freely through faith(Rm 3:24). 

The people of the Spirit know as grace: 
The benefits from nature; 
The works of Christ – because of the Law, they could receive the Law(past) and because of the Law, grace overflows all the more(present); 
His calling(Gal 1:6; 15); and 
Being struck(Ps 141:5). 

Therefore, they always give thanks whether in wealth or poverty, 
in health or sickness, and 
They are compelled by the Spirit to testify to the gospel of grace and 
Face hardships along the way(Ac 20:22-24; Rm 1:14). 

O Lord, 
Thank You for letting me hear the gospel and know the truth. 
Thank You for letting me run towards the goal of resurrection. 
By Your grace, I am what I am! 
Let the river of grace continue to flow out of my soul! 
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