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Sun, Dec 04, 2011

The Gospel of Repentance

God is righteous and merciful(Ps 4:1, Ps 116:5). 
He does not forgive the evil and judges him with righteousness, 
While He has mercy on the sinner and forgives him who repents. 

Faith is acknowledging and welcoming Him and 
The life of this faith begins with repentance and continues in repentance. 

What the Bible treats with the greatest seriousness is sin, for 
Sin cannot avoid judgement and punishment(Rm 2:12). 

The devil is the origin of sin(1Jn 3:8) who 
Sinned as an archangel 
When he wanted to be like God and left his proper domain, and 
Thus was thrown into the darkness(Is 14:12-15; 2Pe 2:4). 

Deceived by the devil, 
Adam sinned and death entered all(Rm 5:12) and 
They were bound to perish in hell with the devil(Mt 25:41). 
However, God placed a solution for those who do not want to perish: repentance(Lk 13:1-5). 

The Law was given because 
Sin was not taken into account and men were destined to perish(Rm 5:12-13). 
It was for them to understand sin as a grave natter(Rm 7:9-24). 

The tablets inside the sanctuary 
Reminded the Israelites to repent to avoid destruction. 
It was where they gave sacrifices for the atonement of their sins. 

Furthermore, the prophet was sent: 
1. Ahead of Jesus(Mk 1:1-3); and 
2. Ahead of the coming wrath(Mt 3:1-10) so that 
He would urge Israel to repent - this was the beginning of the gospel. 

Jesus said, “Destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days”(Jn 2:19), because 
Through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body, 
He would become a ransom for all men(Mt 20:28). 

As He died, He said, “It is finished”(Jn 19:30), declaring that He: 
1. Laid down His life and fulfilled the Father’s will(Jn 10:17-18); 
2. Condemned the origin of sin(1Jn 3:8); and 
3. Bore sins of all men on to His body and shed His blood to redeem them(Mt 20:28; 1Pe 2:24). 
Jesus rose and ascended the heavenly throne and 
The Holy Spirit whom sent 
Preaches the gospel of repentance. 

The gospel declares that all who repent can be forgiven(Ac 2:38); 
This is a principle that God never granted the angels - thus, it is grace(He 2:16). 

There are two stages of repentance: 
1. One-time repentance - confessing that one is sinner 
- born-again(e.g., sin offering)(Ac 2:38; Rm 10:10); 
2. Continuous repentance - confessing evil deeds 
- sanctification(e.g., guilt offering)(1Jn 1:8-10). 
Repentance is the act of honoring the attribute and the character of God. 

Because it pleases Him: 
1. Curse ends and there is healing(Job 42:1-6, Job 42:10); 
2. Blessings follow; and 
3. He helps us to cut off evil deeds. 
He who does not repent, however, 
Makes God a liar(1Jn 1:8) and he is irrelevant to the Truth. 
Furthermore, he is a hypocritical liar whose 
Conscience is seared with a hot iron(1Ti 4:2). 

The man of the Spirit is he who 
Received grace and has an experience of repentance in the past and 
Hears the voice of the Holy Spirit today(Rev2-3). 

1. He fears sin and is ashamed of it(Ps 22:6, Ps 73:2); 
2. Without resenting anyone else, he first repents(Mt 5:6); and 
3. He repents before the day passes, 
For he truly regrets with a broken and contrite heart(Ps 51:17). 

O Lord, 
You did not command us who are like worms the Law, but repentance. 
This is grace! Thank You! 
Let the tears of repentance burst out from the deepest place of our souls. 
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