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Sun, Dec 25, 2011

Good News of Great Joy

God is the source of joy. 
Joy is in Him and 
To those who rejoice in Him, He gives even greater joy. 

The more a man seeks physical pleasure, 
The greater its meaningless becomes(Ecc 2:1-11). 

However, faith is rejoicing in God(Ps 9:2; Job 22:16), and 
The life of this faith is putting effort to become His joy, by being full of joy through the Spirit. 

Deceived the devil, 
Adam, the father of all men, sinned(Ge 3:4-6). 
Consequently, they became destined to fall into hell(Ge 3:16-19; Mt 25:41). 

Abraham, on the other hand, rejoiced at the thought of seeing God and 
Finally saw Him and rejoiced(Ge 18:1-4) and 
Subsequently received a son, Isaac, at the age of 100 and laughed(Ge 18:10, Ge 21:1-6). 

His descendants became a people over whom 
God rejoiced on a account of their fathers(Dt 10:15), because of which 
They were delivered from a slavery of 430 years in Egypt. 
They rejoiced when God turned the sea into dry land and 
They passed through the waters on foot(Ps 66:6). 
Soon after, however, they grumbled against God for 
Their joy came from their physical circumstances and conditions. 

In order for the source of their joy to be in the name of God(Ps 89:6) 
God commanded them to build the sanctuary. 
And yet, they rather rejoiced over idols(Is 44:9). 
Thus, God no longer rejoiced over them(Hos 9:1) and 
No longer found pleasure in their sacrifice(Is 1:11). 

Nevertheless, the good news of great joy proclaimed 
The coming of the man in whom God delights(Is 42:1) - 
The coming of the Son of God in flesh. 
According to the prophecy(Zec 9:9), 
Jesus was conceived in the virgin and born in Bethlehem(Is 7:14). 

He said, “Destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days”(Jn 2:19), because 
Through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body, 
He would fill with His joy in the souls over whom He rejoices(Jn 15:11), for 
Whether He was in the bosom of the Father(Pr 8:29-3) or came as man, 
He delighted the Father(Mt 12:18). 

Though there was absolutely nothing in His condition 
To be joyful about while He was in flesh, 
He was full of joy through the Spirit(Lk 10:21; Jn 8:29). 

As He died, Jesus said, “It is finished”(Jn 19:30), declaring that He: 
1. Died according to the Father’s command and pleased Him(Jn 10:17-18); 
2. Judged the devil who attempted to find joy in himself(Is 14:12-15; Eze 28:12-17); and 
3. Bore the sorrow and the suffering of men onto His body and gave joy to all men, 
i.e., His blood(Is 53:3-4). 
He rose and ascended the heavenly throne and 
He became the eternal joy of God. 

The Holy Spirit whom He sent 
Lets those on whom His favor rests(Lk 2:14) rejoice 
For the sole reason that they have the blood of Jesus in them. 

The man of the Spirit 
Rejoices for knowing Jesus, for having His blood and His name Y’shua. 
Therefore, even if he is not healed, 
Even if his problems are not solved, 
He rejoices, and 
Proclaims this good news of great joy for 
He longs to go to heaven where the greatest joy awaits - 
Seeing Jesus(Rev 19:7). 

O Lord, 
I am fine whether there is a vine that comforts me or not(Jnh 4:8-9) for 
The source of my joy is not my senses or even my deeds. 
Rather, my joy comes from the blood of Jesus in my soul! 
The name Y’shua is my joy! 
I rejoice and rejoice over Your coming in flesh! Amen. 
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