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Sun, Apr 30, 2017

The Word of His Grace

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The Word of His Grace

God is the true Father.
He gives birth to children through the word of truth (Jas1:18) and
He nurtures them through the word of truth.

Faith is believing that He is the Father and
The life of this faith is like newborn babies receiving the word, whatever it is, as grace (1Pe2:2).

If even in the world true fathers do not hold back
Bitter words and even sticks to discipline their children,
The word of His grace is not a word that is sweet to the ear but
The word that is beneficial to the soul, that is not polluted by the world (Jas1:27) and
Leads them to share in His holiness (He12:10).

While there may be ten thousand guides in Christ, however,
Not many of them are true fathers who
Give birth to children and discipline them through the gospel (1Co4:14-15).

Since the ancestor of all men, Adam,
Listened not the word of God (Ge2:17) but the lie of the devil (Ge3:4-6),
All men thereafter became children of the devil (Jn8:44).

Even though they heard the word that was true
The sons-in-law of Lot considered it as joke and so
They were destroyed in the brimstone fire (Ge19:14).

The exodus of Israel after their slavery in Egypt for 430 years
Proved that it is impossible for God to lie (He6:18).

Yet all but a few died in the desert without seeing the land that flowed with milk and honey for
They did not listen to the voice of the Lord but rather complained (Nu14:22-34).

The stone tablets inside the sanctuary reminded them for generations that
There is no other true god than the Lord God (Ex20:3; 1Ch17:20) who
Spoke the true words from the mercy seat (Ex25:22).

The stiff-necked people, however, were seduced (Pr7:21) by
The false visions, divinations, idolatries and the delusions of their own minds
Spoken by the false prophets (Jer14:14) who
Said to those who would die that they would not
While to those who would not die that they would (Jer23:16-28).

Yeshua said, “Destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days” (Jn2:19), and
Upset the brood of vipers (Mt12:34) but
The poor and the sick were amazed by the gracious words out of His lips (Lk4:18-22) for
According to the prophecy His lips were anointed with grace (Ps45:2),
Speaking what He would accomplish (Is55:11).
As such, through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body,
He would reveal that He is the true image, the true food and drink (Jn6:55; He10:1) and
That He speaks only the truth (Jn8:14).

As He died, Yeshua said, “It is finished” (Jn19:30), declaring that He:
1) Revealed the only true Father who let the Son drink the bitter cup as grace for Him (Mt26:39-42; Jn10:18);
2) Judged the devil the father of lies (Jn8:44; 1Jn3:8); and
3) With His blood, the word of truth, gave birth to children (1Pe1:23).

He resurrected and sat on the heavenly throne and
He is the true Father.

The Holy Spirit comes as
The Father who nurtures His children born again in His blood (Jn14:11, 17-18)
Through the word of grace, the gospel, the word He spoke (Ac20:32).

For the devil to this day attempts to
Turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths (2Ti4:3-4).
Those made overseers by the Spirit of truth (Ac20:28)
Cherish souls not holding back reproach or discipline with the Father’s heart (He12:4-8),
While the true sons, even if they hear words that are burdensome or rebuking
They do not leave church but rather considers it all His grace.

O Lord,
Am I a true child of Jesus Christ?
Even if I hear the word that is uncomfortable and burdensome, even if it embarrasses me,
If it is the word of His grace, I want to put every effort to follow.
Hold me close so I remain attached to the church of the truth until the end! Amen.
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