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Sun, Jul 16, 2017

Wash Your Robes in the Blood of the Lamb

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Wash Your Robes in the Blood of the Lamb

God is holy (Ps22:3; Is5:16).
His essence, name, Word and dwelling places are all holy (Ps111:9, 105:42; Is57:15).
He makes relationship only with those who are holy and
Lets them enter the Holy City.

Faith is making a relationship with Him and
The life of this faith is keeping the state of being made holy by Him (Eph5:26-27; 1Th4:7).

Holiness refers to being set apart, pure, flawless, and clean.
In terms of color, it would be expressed in white and
The Bible indicates that those who go before God must be robed in white.

Humans are different from animals in that they know how to make garments as they can:
1) Regulate temperature;
2) Express one’s status; and
3) Be a measurement of culture.

While Adam, the ancestor of mankind, lived in the Garden naked and did not have a care,
After being deceived and sinned, he and Eve realized they were naked and
Made coverings of fig leaves for themselves (Ge3:7).
But God took them off and made garments of skin and clothed them (Ge3:21) for
The robe one must wear to go before Him must be given by Him (Rev19:8).

When the Israelites first received the Law, they had to wash their clothes (Ex19:10), and
Put the commandments on their garments
To remember to obey them (Ex13:9; Dt11:18, 22:12; Nu15:37-41).
Furthermore, even the elaborate priestly garment had to be sprinkled with blood (Ex29:21) for
Without holiness no one will see the Lord (He12:14).

The sanctuary where the ark with the stone tablets was placed inside
Reminded them this for generations, and
It was also there the blood of animals was shed and the bronze basin was to sanctify them.
Yet such washing was only regarding the flesh (He9:9-10).

Even though their outer garments were clean, however,
Their hearts were soiled with sin (Is64:6) and
Thus the prophets cried out to them to
Rend not their garments but their hearts and return to God (Joel2:13).

Yeshua said, “Destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days” (Jn2:19), because
Through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body,
He would make the souls of men holy for
He is the incarnate Word, the holy Son of God (Jn1:14; Mt17:5) as shown
When He was transfigured and His clothes became as white as the light (Mt17:2).

However, when He died, His flesh on the cross was torn and
His clothes on the ground were divided up by casting lots (Ps22:18; Mt27:35).
But He said, “It is finished” (Jn19:30), declaring that He:
1) Tore His holiness, righteousness, glory and authority and died to reveal that the Father alone is holy;
2) Condemned the unclean one, the origin of sin (1Jn3:8); and
3) Sprinkled His blood to cleanse souls and tore His flesh to clothe them in garments of skin.

He resurrected and ascended to heaven and
He is the Lamb on the throne.

The Holy Spirit comes in the name Yeshua
To those who received the sprinkling of His blood in their souls (1Pe1:2) and
United with Him by being baptized — now clothed with Christ, a white robe (Gal3:27).
The Spirit speaks to the churches to
Wash their robes and make them white in the blood of the Lamb (Rev3:5, 18, 7:14, 16:15).

The man of the Spirit is he who knows that
What cleanses his soul is the blood of Yeshua and
What makes his robe clean is also the blood of Yeshua.
He puts every effort to keep all his thoughts deeply buried in the event of His blood,
His heart filled completely with the attributes of His blood, and
His words and deeds giving off the fragrance of His blood for
He longs to go before the Lamb on the throne
Dressed in a clean, white fine linen (Rev4:4, 19:7-8).

O Lord,
My soul is clothed in the torn flesh of Yeshua!
Let us open the ears of our souls and
Hear the painful outcry of Yeshua.
Let us never again soil ourselves with the world. Amen.
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