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Sun, Nov 26, 2017

Grace and Gifts

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Grace and Gifts

God is abundant (2Co9:8).
There is nothing that He lacks and
He gives and gives to those who long for Him.

Faith is longing for His gifts and
The life of this faith is earnestly desiring and seeking gifts, and using them for His kingdom, His church.

While the giver wants to give even more when the receiver rejoices, boasts and uses the gift,
He rather wishes to take back when the receiver does not (Mt25:28-29).

Since their ancestor Adam was deceived by the devil and sinned (Ge2:17, 3:4-6),
All men lost the abundance of the Garden of Eden (Ge3:24) and
The price of sin, death, came to their souls and the flesh to return to dust (Ge3:19).

Though Esau was given the birthright as the firstborn (Ge25:32-34),
Because he did not think much of it he sold it for a single meal and was
Thus abandoned by God (He12:16-17).
Jacob, on the other hand, once seizing the birthright which he had longed for
Finally received the blessed name, Israel (Ge32:27-29).

By grace, after their slavery of 430 years
The Israelites plundered the Egyptians who gave them what they asked for and left Egypt,
Even taking possession of the land of Canaan subsequently (Ge15:14; Ex12:36).

The sanctuary that was built with the goods they received by grace
Thus had a great meaning for those who longed for the restoration of their kingdom.

Yeshua said, “Destroy this temple, and I will raise it again in three days” (Jn2:19), and was
Hated by the Jews and led away to death (Mt26:61).
However, through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body,
He would give the living water and those who drink will never thirst for
He is the gift of God who came to those who seek Him (Jn4:10, 7:37-38).

As He died, He said, “It is finished” (Jn19:30), declaring that He:
1) Finally took possession of the Father’s gift for the Son (He1:2);
2) Condemned the devil the ungrateful one (Eze28:12-17; 1Jn3:8); and
3) By grace poured out blood and water for all men (Jn19:34).

He rose and sat on the heavenly throne.

The Holy Spirit came from heaven as a gift (Ac2:38)
To those who received the gift of God given through His torn flesh and long for Him.
He gives gifts to them (Ac1:8, 2:1-4):
Different kinds of gifts, service and work (1Co12:4-11).

Grace — the only begotten Son — to whosoever — to boast (1Co1:26-29; Eph2:9);
Gifts — the manifestation of the Holy Spirit — each kind — to use (1Co12:7).

The Christian is he who
Loves and eagerly desires, prays and receives gifts (1Co14:1; 2Co1:11).
As a faithful steward of God’s grace in its various forms (Rm12:6-8; 1Pe4:10-11),
He preaches the gospel to save souls (1Ti4:16) and
For the gospel he is able to receive suffering (2Ti1:6-8).

O Lord,
If it is a gift that You gave us,
Even if others call us crazy or even drunk on new wine,
We do not care!
Even if our tongues become sore
Let us keep praying in tongues all day.
Let us ask and ask for whatever the gift so that
We may use them for Your kingdom and Your church! Amen.
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