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Sun, Dec 03, 2017

The Wise Builder

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The Wise Builder
(Ex25:8-9; 1Co3:9-15)

God is the Builder.
He builds the best building on the best foundation and
Dwells forever with whom He loves.

Faith is longing to live with the beloved God and
The life of this faith is building oneself with the best on the foundation given by grace (Jude1:20).

Architecture is appealing
Since it is creating something out of nothing and thus one can materialize his dream.
However, it is an arduous process involving a great investment for
Preparing the foundation, funds, design, construction etc.
More importantly, any building on a shaky ground will eventually come down.

After he was deceived and sinned, Adam was banished from the Garden (Ge3:4-6, 24) and
All men thereafter became wanderers (Ge4:12).

Following God’s command, Abram left his country and went into Canaan (Ge12:1, 5-6) and
Dwelled in the land promised for him and his descendants.
Yet he lived like a stranger in a foreign country living in tents for
He was looking forward to the city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God (He11:9-10).

While the Israelites’ migration into Egypt and their exodus after four generations (Ge15:13)
All demonstrated the reality of all men as nomads,
The poles for the ark were to remain in the rings of the ark and not be removed (Ex25:15)
Reminding them the mobility of the sanctuary.
Furthermore, even after Solomon built the greatest building on earth, the Temple of Jerusalem
The ark was to remain mobile (2Ch4:19; 5:1, 9) for
It was not an enduring city and they were looking forward to a city that is to come (He13:14).

Yeshua said, “Destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days” (Jn2:19-22), because
Through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body,
He would build the greatest building not made with human hands
On the foundation that is not of this creation (He9:11) for
The architect and the builder in the beginning
Came to become the precious foundation (Is28:16; 1Co3:11).

As He died, He said, “It is finished” (Jn19:30), declaring that He:
1) According to the plan before the creation (Jn14:2) sprinkled His blood and completed
the Father’s house (Lev16:4, 14-16; He9:22-23; Rev21:1-2);
2) Judged the devil who defiled heaven (Eze28:17; 1Jn3:8); and
3) By grace redeemed the sins of men (Eph1:7).

He rose and ascended to a new heaven and a new earth (Rev21:1) for
He is faithful as the Son over God’s house (He3:2-6).

The Holy Spirit who came in the name Yeshua
Enters the souls of believers and
Opens their eyes to see the best foundation given by grace.

The Christian is a wise builder.
To build a house that will not burn in fire (1Co3:12-15),
A house on earth that will not shake
When the heavens and the earth will shake (He12:26),
He invests his best, such as time, materials, talent, physical strength, breath etc
Without holding back for
It will be the house where his soul and the Lord whom he loves will dwell forever.

O Lord,
Where there is no more pain, no more sadness, no more suffering
No more tears, no more sin, no more death…
It’s all because of You, because of Your blood!
Oh I will see You face to face and
We will live together in the Father’s house…
Lord, make us all wise builders! Amen.
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