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Sun, Feb 18, 2018

I Am Justified

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I Am Justified
(Rm1:17, 3:19-31)

God is the God of righteousness, justice (Ps50:6; Is45:21).
By becoming the righteousness, He judges with righteousness (Dt16:18) and
He does what is righteous and gives salvation (Is45:21).

Faith is knowing that I am justified (Gal3:11) and
The life of this faith is about living as the righteous.

While the definition of what is right and wrong varies by era, nation and people,
To be declared as the righteous or the just depends on legal terms not moral or ethical.

The Bible indicates how all men will be judged before the righteousness of God, and
The standard of that judgment is the commandment and the law of God (Ge2:17).
While the righteous is the innocent who keeps the law and serves God (Ps94:21; Eze18:9; Mal3:18),
Thus promised of prosperity, peace, land and eternal life,
The wicked is the sinner who forsakes the law and does not serve God (Ps51:5, 119:53; Mal3:18),
Thus facing a shortened life, suffering, being pursued, destruction and eternal punishment (Mt25:41).

The sanctuary where the stone tablets were kept inside the testimony
Reminded the descendants of Israel for generations the Lord God of righteousness.
The irony, however, was that there would be the righteous prophesied to
Perish in their righteousness (Ec7:15).

This is because the world is ruled by the prince of the world, the devil (Jn12:31), who
In the spiritual heaven was the lawless archangel (Is14:12-15), as a result,
Contained in Hades until the great day of judgment (Eze28:12-17; Jude1:6).

Yeshua said, “Destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days” (Jn2:19), because
Through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body, He would
Not in the name Jehovah but in the Father’s name Yeshua
Put an end to the era where those who obey the law are declared righteous (Rm2:13) and
Begin a new era, the era of faith where one becomes righteous by faith (Rm3:27).

As He died, Yeshua said, “It is finished” (Jn19:30), declaring that He:
1) Himself did the righteousness (Is45:21; Jn10:18) and entrusted to the Father who judges justly (1Pe2:23);
2) Judged the wicked one, the devil (1Jn3:8, 12); and
3) In place of the unrighteous the righteous was judged (1Pe3:18), becoming a propitiation,
satisfying the Father’s righteousness

He rose and showed the resurrection of the righteous (Lk14:14; Ac24:15) and
Ascended to heaven and became the King of righteousness (He7:2).
Heavens declare His righteousness, the law of faith (Ps50:6) for
The righteous will live by faith (Hab2:4; Rm1:17).

The Holy Spirit came and the law of faith, the new era of the gospel began.
In the gospel is revealed the righteousness of God (Rm3:21-22):
The works of the Law = Yeshua Himself = faith.
For there is no difference among them,
Those who are justified will not be condemned (Rm8:33-34) for
They were imputed righteousness (“God declared them righteous”) and
The result was the change in their status,
All by His grace through the redemption of Christ Yeshua (Rm3:23-24).

The Bible shows the ancestors of faith who were called righteous by their works of faith:
Abel gave sacrifice, Noah built the ark (He11:4, 7),
Abraham gave his only son, and Rahab risked her life to welcome the spies (Jas2:21, 25).
As such, faith is active along with works and faith is completed by works (Jas2:22, 24):
Righteousness <-> faith <-> deeds

Therefore, the justified obeys the command, the word of Christ,
Through baptism, prayer, driving out demons and laying hands on the sick.
While in the world the Lord’s ears are attentive to their prayers (1Pe3:12) and
When they leave the world they will inherit the land (Ps37:29; 2Pe3:13; Rev21:1) for
The righteous is a legitimate citizen of heaven (Php3:20).

O Lord,
At that time, Your flesh was put to death like a lawbreaker
But Your spirit escaped Hades as the Righteous.
Our Lord Yeshua Christ!
Let us all become righteous and arrive in the kingdom of heaven.
Let us put every effort to keep the law of Christ (Gal6:2). Amen.
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