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Sun, Apr 01, 2018

The Lord of Life

The Lord of Life
(Nu27:16; Jn11:25-27)

God is the Lord of life (Ac3:15).
In Him is life and from Him comes life (Jn1:1-4; Ps36:9), and
He gives life to those who want to live.

Faith is believing Him and having a living hope (1Pe1:3) and
The life of this faith is putting every effort to receive eternal life through the resurrection to life when the
Life, Christ Yeshua appears, even risking one’s life (Jn5:29, 12:25).

Life refers to “the strength that allows living organisms to live, breath and move.”
While the advancement of science has extended the longevity of men,
Many emotional and social problems have emerged as a result.

According to the Bible, life is:
1. That never perishes, spoils or fades away (1Pe1:4);
2. In God, the Word, the Son, Yeshua (Jn1:1-4, 5:26, 14:6); and
3. Sustained by eating the Word of God (Mt4:4).

Adam the living being who ate plants and fruits for the flesh but
As the spirit had to eat the word of God, was
Deceived by the devil and ate the forbidden fruit (Ge2:17, 3:4-6).
As a result all men died in their spirit (1Co15:22).

During the time of Noah, by a great flood
God destroyed all creatures that had the breath of life (Ge6:17) and
Showed that breath and life were the same (Job7:7).
The sanctuary where the name Jehovah, the God who gives breath to all living things (Nu16:22)
Demonstrated that the life of this flesh is in the blood (Lev17:11) and that
The life of the flesh and the blood were the same (Lev17:14).
As such, anyone who ate blood was put to death (Lev17:14).

The Law is the statute of life, the covenant of life (Mal2:5; Ac7:38):
On the one hand, it promised them a long life when they obeyed and death when they disobeyed (Ex20:12, 31:14)
But on the other hand, it allowed those who killed unintentionally to live by fleeing
To the cities of refuge (Nu35:11-28; Dt4:42).

Yeshua said, “Destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days,” because
Through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body (Jn2:19-21),
He would tear down the law that Israel kept in the name Jehovah for a long life, and
The Son of Man would keep the Father’s command and give eternal life to all nations.

He is the Word in the beginning, the God of life who came in the flesh,
He is the life, the bread of life for the souls of all men (Jn6:48, 14:7).

As He died, He said, “It is finished” (Jn19:30), declaring that He:
1. Died according to the Father’s command and confessed that the Father is the Lord of life who
would give His life back (Ps21:4; Jn10:18);
2. Through His death judged the ruler of death the devil (He2:14); and
3. For the incarnation of the Word was not a method to correct the sins of mankind but the
Word in the beginning came as the Son of Man, that is,
In the flesh that dies by shedding blood, through which
He paid the price of all men’s sins and shed His blood to give life (1Pe1:23).

He resurrected and became the Lord of life (Ac3:15) and
This was the purpose God created death, life, angels...height and all things (Rm8:38-39).

He ascended to heaven and He is the Lamb who sits on the throne.
He died but now He is alive forevermore and is the Lord of life (Rev1:18).

To freely give the water of life without price
The Holy Spirit calls souls to the church (Rev22:17).

The Christian is he who has the blood of Yeshua in his soul (1Jn5:12), that is,
His name is written in the book of life (Rev20:12-15). Therefore he:
1. Sets his mind on things above, things of the Spirit and finds life and peace (Rm8:6; Col3:1-2);
2. Loves souls and thus knows that he himself as been passed from death to life (1Jn3:14);
3. Keeps his tongue from evil and only speaks the words of life (Ac5:20; 1Pe3:10);
4. To go to the tree of life lays down what is unclean and detestable (Rev21:27, 22:14-15); and
5. To manifest that life of Yeshua daily takes up his own cross (2Co4:10-12) so that

In the last day he would not be thrown into the second death, the lake of fire (Re20:12-15)
But rather be resurrected to life to receive a spiritual body (1Co15:42-44).

O Lord,
Let none of us speak of the hope of resurrection
Without remembering the cross.
Let us know this principle of the seed that contains both death and life (Jn12:24).
Until the blood of Yeshua in me arrives in the resurrection to life
Let me die daily.  Amen.
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