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Sun, Apr 22, 2018

I Am A Christian

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I Am A Christian
(Ac11:25-26; 1Pe4:12-16)

God is the God of honor (Is42:8).
He spares those who honor His name and makes them His treasured possession (Mal3:16-17) and
Lets those called by His name to come before Him (Is43:7).

When people are designated a name or a title such as, “Korean,” “American,” “New Yorker” etc
Then they live for the honor of such.

Faith is being honored to be called a Christian and
The life of this faith is enduring suffering, persecution and hardship as a Christian and giving glory to God (1Pe4:12-16).

The Bible contains the stories of those who had to pay a price for being given a name by God:
Abram was called Abraham (“a father of many nations”) (Ge17:5, 15) and
By faith he had a son at the age of 100 (Rm4:20);
Jacob received the name Israel (“struggled with God and overcame”) (Ge32:27-28) and
His descendants conquered and possessed the promised land (Dt2:31).

The temple where the house that bears the name Jehovah (Jer7:10) reminded them that
If the Israelites obeyed His commands they would be a holy people and
All the peoples on earth would fear them (Dt28:9-10).
In spite of the fact that they bore the name Jehovah (Jer14:9), however,
They grew weary of Him (Is43:22-28) and
Eventually both of the Kingdoms of Israel and of Judah were destroyed (1Ki12:1-24; Jer5:1).

Yeshua said, “Destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days,” because
Through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body (Jn2:19-20),
He would, in the name not Jehovah but Yeshua the Father’s name (Jn5:43),
Let not flesh and blood but the spirit, not outwardly but inwardly (Rm2:28-29)
Be called Christian.

Though He did not call Himself Christ (Mt27:11; Jn18:33-34),
He was accused of calling Himself Christ and was put to death for it (Mt27:22).
Yet a witness of his death confessed that He was surely Christ (Mt27:54).

As He died, Yeshua said, “It is finished” (Jn19:30), declaring that He:
1) Gave glory to the Father’s name and went before Him (Is43:7; Jn10:18; Php2:9-11);
2) With His authority to die destroyed the ruler of death (He2:14) and judged Satan who
attempted to call himself God (Is14:12-15); and
3) With His redeeming blood purchased all men and made them His kingdom (Rev5:9-10).

He resurrected, sat on the heavenly throne and
He will reign for ever and ever over the kingdom of Christ (Rev11:15).

The Holy Spirit who comes from there
Testifies that “Yeshua = Christ” (Ac2:36, 18:28) and
Lets him who is a Christian not outwardly but inwardly (Rm2:28-29)
Live for Christ who died for him (2Co5:15).

The Christian is he who then
Becomes sanctified in order to become a member of the body of Christ (Rm13:14; 1Co6:15; 1Pe4:4).
In Christ there is only obedience (2Co1:20),
When he is weak then he is strong (2Co12:10),
With the meekness of Christ he infinitely yields (Mt5:38-44; 2Co10:1).
As an ambassador for Christ he testifies that Yeshua is Christ for
He does not want to call himself a Christian but
In the eyes of God and of men he would be worthy to be called a Christian (Is43:7) for
On the day the Lord returns he longs to go before Him.

O Lord,
While I think of myself as a Christian,
In the eyes of the Lord and of others, am I?
Let none of us call ourselves Christians but rather
By re-living the life of Christ when You appear in the air in that day
Let us become worthy of being called, “Come!”.
I am a Christian! Let me live according to that name. Amen.
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