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Sun, Sep 02, 2018

I Speak the Truth in Christ

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I Speak the Truth In Christ
(Rm9:1; 1Ti2:7)

God is the true God (Jer10:10).
He is the same as the first and the last, the beginning and the end (Rev22:13), and
He only speaks the truth (2Sa7:28; He6:18).

Faith is believing Him and
The life of this faith is not being deceived (Jas1:16) and only listening to the truth and only speaking the truth.

Since the human society is communicated and connected through language,
For whole life from the waking hour until going to sleep
Everyone uses it at home, school and work with the phone, TV etc.
But are they truth or lies?
Depending on whose words one listens to, the fate of his life is determined.
As such, discerning the truth in the court is an urgent matter of concern.

The Bible discerns truth and lies and shows their result:
Those who speak the truth will go to the true heaven (He9:24)
While those who lie will go to hell (Rev21:8, 27, 22:15) — that is,
Those who are deceived, that is, all mankind and the deceiver the devil (Mt25:41; Tit3:3).
This is because the ancestor Adam ignored the word of God (Ge2:17, 3:4-6) and was
Deceived by the liar the devil and sinned (Jn8:44).

The sanctuary where the ark containing the name Jehovah and the stone tablets was
Reminded that it is impossible for God to lie (He6:18) for
According to the word of God that promised Abraham (Ge15:13),
His descendants returned after 430 years of their slavery in Egypt (Ex12:41).

The Law which they received commanded them to not be deceived.
Although it treated bearing false witness
Just as a grave sin as committing murder (Ex20:16; Zec13:3; Jas2:10),
The Israelites listened to the lies of the false prophets (Is30:9; Eze13:19),
Ultimately bringing on curse upon themselves.

Yeshua said, “Destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days,” because
Through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body (Jn2:19-20),
He would not in the name Jehovah but in the Father’s name Yeshua (Jn5:43)
Speak through not angels or the prophets but the Son (He1:1-2) for
The true God came in the flesh to speak the truth (Jn1:1-2, 14, 18) as
He alone knew where He came from and where He was going (Jn8:13-14).

Although the word of Yeshua is the truth, the word of the Father (Jn8:26, 14:24) and
Gives life to the spirit (Jn6:63),
The Jews considered Him to be a liar for what He said (Mt16:21; Jn2:19, 10:30-33),
Thus passed over to death (Mt26:61).

As He died, He said, “It is finished” (Jn19:30), declaring that He:
1) According to the Father’s command laid down His life (Jn10:17-18);
2) Judged the serpent who lied, the father of lies (Ge3:4; Jn8:44); and
3) Redeemed those who sinned because they were deceived (Rm7:11).

His resurrection testified that His word is true and that
He is the true God (Jn20:28).

The Holy Spirit sent from the true heaven (He9:24) is
The Spirit who discerns truth from lies (1Co2:10).

While the world refuses to hear the truth and
By the deceiving spirits and the teachings of demons (1Ti4:2)
The false churches teach another gospel, another Yeshua (2Co11:3-4), that is,
The “prosperity gospel,” the secular theology (Rev2:14-15),
The man of the Spirit, however, is he who rejects any other word (Rm3:4),
Desires to only listen to the truth and only speak the truth —
In other the words, regarding Yeshua and the word of Yeshua.
This is because when the Lord appears a second time for those who long for Him (He9:28)
He wants to be testified that the words he spoke are truth.

O Lord,
Let only the truth be heard in my family, in our church.
Whatever test, suffering or temptation comes
Let us overcome by one word of the truth —
Lord Yeshua is coming back soon! Amen.
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