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Sun, Sep 16, 2018

I Am A Surpassing Intellectual

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I Am A Surpassing Intellectual

God is the God of knowledge (1Sa2:3).
His knowledge is wonderful and high (Job11:6; Ps139:6), and
His eyes keep watch over those with His knowledge (Pr22:12).

Faith is having my soul be delighted by the knowledge of God and
The life of this faith is considering as rubbish one’s knowledge (Php3:7-8) and living by and
teaching the knowledge of the truth (Tit1:1).

The modern times we live in is inundated with knowledge
Due to the available information and technology, and communication.
Although even without education, literacy and intellectual discipline one can gain much knowledge,
There is no other book in the world but
The Bible where one can gain the great surpassing knowledge for it contains the knowledge of God.
It demonstrates the time before the beginning and the time after the end of the world, that is,
An eternal “time” (Ge1:1; Jn1:1; Rev21:1),
The heaven of the heavens, that is, the spiritual heaven outside the universe (Ge1:1; 2Ch2:6),
The creation of all things and the principle of sustaining them (He1:2-3, 11:3),
The soul of man, not just the flesh, that is, the life-after-death (Ge1:28, 2:7; Jn5:29),
The deluge that disrupted the development of civilization (Ge6:1-7) etc.

During the exodus of Israel
By His knowledge God opened the sea and
Let the clouds drop down the dew for food (Pr3:20), and
They became the people of wisdom and understanding (Dt4:6).

While the sanctuary reminded them that,
“The god of knowledge = Jehovah” and “Israel = the people of knowledge,”
Because they rejected knowledge, they were destroyed before other nations (Hos4:6, 6:6).

Meanwhile, the prophet Isaiah prophesied about
The appearance of a righteous servant full of the Spirit of knowledge (Is53:11)
A shoot coming from the stump of Jesse and it would be then when
The earth would be full of the knowledge of God (Is11:1-2, 9).

Yeshua said, “Destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days,” because
Through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body (Jn2:19-20),
He would teach not in the name Jehovah but in the Father’s name Yeshua (Jn5:43)
Not only to the people of Israel but to all nations (Mt28:9)
The greatest knowledge (Jn8:55, 13:13) for
He was in the Father’s bosom in the beginning (Jn1:1, 18),
The incarnate Word (Jn1:14),
In whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge (Col2:3).
However, by the teachers of the law who had called themselves the greatest intellectuals,
He was passed over to death (Lk11:52).

Nevertheless, as He died, Yeshua said, “It is finished” (Jn19:30), declaring that He:
1) Surrendered before the knowledge and the judgement of the Father (Jn10:18; Rm11:23);
2) Judged the devil who forgot the limit of the created (Is14:12-15; 1Jn3:8); and
3) With His blood redeemed those who sinned because of their lack of knowledge (Eph1:7).

He resurrected and ascended to heaven and sat down on the throne there.
The Holy Spirit whom He sent is the Spirit of knowledge (1Co2:6-16) who
Teaches that “Yeshua = the word of Yeshua = the truth.”

The Christian is he who
Considers like rubbish the knowledge he gained from the world (Php3:7-8) and
With the great surpassing knowledge of knowing Yeshua
Goes out to the world and not intimidated by worldly intellectuals (Ac4:13, 16:30),
Boldly testifies even before those who kill and
Makes disciples of all nations and teaches them (Mt28:19) for
He knows that there is no other knowledge greater than that (Job21:22),
For the knowledge of the world increases grief (Ecc1:18)
While the knowledge of the truth brings life and joy to the soul (Ecc2:10; PHp3:11).

O Lord,
While we wanted to be great intellectuals when were were young and
Became embarrassed because of our lack of knowledge at older age.
But You called such uneducated, common men (Ac4:13-14) like us and
Made us the wisest men!
We are so proud and happy.
Let us boldly teach the knowledge of the truth to whomever we meet and
Let any wise man we meet be brought to surrender before the word of Yeshua!
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