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Sun, Jun 02, 2019

For the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ

For the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ

God is the King (Lord).
His throne is eternal and
The scepter of His kingdom is the scepter of righteousness (He1:8).

Faith is welcoming becoming the people of the kingdom of Lord Jesus Christ.
The life of this faith is giving one’s life to the Lord’s kingdom.

While in history countless countries rose and fell,
Currently there are 197 countries in the world.
Even in democratic countries where the government is by the people and for the people
The number one citizen would be the one who asks not what his country can do for him but
What he can do for the country.
Similarly the number one country would be the one that
Remembers the people who sacrificed themselves for that country.

The Bible treats Israel as number one nation among others for
This is according to what God promised Abraham (Ge12:1-2, 17:6).
For even after more than 500 years that covenant was not forgotten (Ex2:24-25),
The Israelites were delivered from their slavery in Egypt and
Became God’s possession, a kingdom of priests, and a holy people (Ge19:5-6).
Although they had no territory God was their King and
His word (the law) ruled as a righteous nation (Dt4:8).

However, when they arrived in the promised land Canaan
They rejected God as their king and wanted a human king (1Sa8:6).
Subsequently, they went from Saul’s Kingdom to David’s Kingdom, and then
The kingdom divided into the Northern Kingdom and the Southern Kingdom both of which fell for
They were the sinful nation, a people whose guilt was great (1Ki11:6; Is1:4).

Nevertheless, there was the prophecy regarding
The appearance of a king who would reign on David’s throne and over his kingdom,
Establishing and upholding it with justice and righteousness (Ps24:7-10; Is9:6-7).
As such, they waited for the Messiah who would come as offspring of David (Mk11:10).

Yeshua said, “Destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days” (Jn2:19), because
Through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body,
He would destroy the prince of the world and establish the kingdom of heaven (Jn12:31).
Though in the past the Israelites unilaterally became God’s people and were
Governed by the fear of the Law (Rm8:15),
Now whoever receives will become His people (Jn1:12) and
Freely be governed by the truth (Jn8:32, 18:19).

As He died framed as an insurgent to the Roman Empire (Jn19:12),
He said, “It is finished” (Jn19:30), declaring that He:
1) Offered to the Father the kingdom established with justice and truth (Rev5:9);
2) Judged the prince of the world the devil (1Jn3:8); and
3) With His blood purchases souls and made them His people (Rev5:10).

He resurrected and ascended to heaven
He sat on the eternal throne of God and the Lamb,
Reigning with justice and truth (He1:8; Rev22:3).

The Holy Spirit whom He sent comes as the Sovereign Lord
To the souls purchased by His blood as a spiritual territory.

For the kingdom where
The Lord Yeshua who died for me and purchased me with His blood reigns as Christ
To stand firm, expand and absolutely reign
The Christian spares no sweat, tear or blood for the Church and
Keeps the truth, defends the truth and teaches the truth (2Ti4:1-5).
He puts to death the lust of the flesh (1Co6:9-10; Gal5:19) and
Looks after the neglected (Mt25:31-46) for
When the kingdom of the Lord comes he longs to be taken up (1Th4:16-17).

O Lord,
I so love the kingdom where my Lord Yeshua is Christ.
I welcome Your kingship and Your kingdom.
When You return,
Do not forget the Church Of Jesus! Amen.
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