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Sun, Sep 08, 2019

See the Glory of the Lord

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See the Glory of the Lord
(Jn16:13-14; Ac7:52-60)

God is the God of glory (Ac7:2).
All glory comes from Him and return to Him,
Those who give glory to Him
He brings into glory (1Pe5:10).

Faith is knowing His glory and
The life of this faith is doing all for the glory of Jesus Christ (1Co10:31), for even in the world people
without hesitation lay their life down for the glory of their nation or even their family.

The Bible speaks of the glory of God.
He reveals His glory and
Lets them glorify Him for
He does not yield His glory to another (Is42:8).

Though he was created for the glory of God (Is43:7),
Adam was deceived by the devil and sinned (Ge2:17, 3:4-6) because of which
All men became demoted to servants of the angel (2Pe2:19).
The devil is Satan, the fallen angel from heaven to Hades (Is14:12-15; 2Pe2:4), who
Challenged the throne prepared for the Son of God (Col1:16).

To the Israelites, the people in whom God would be glorified (Is49:3),
He displayed His glory in various ways:
Destroying the Egyptian army in the Red Sea (Ex14:4, 15:6-11);
Manna rained down in the desert (Ex16:7); the fire and the clouds on Mount Sinai (Ex16:10);
The radiance of the face of Moses (Ex34:29-33);
The clouds above the tabernacle and the atonement cover (Ex40:34);
The fire that burned up sacrifice (Lev9:23-24) etc.
Those who tested God 10 times in spite of it fell in the wilderness and died (Nu14:22).

The sanctuary where the ark of the Lord was reminded them of this as
It was the glory of God (1Sa4:22) and thus the glory of Israel.

Yeshua said, “Destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days” (Jn2:19), because
Through the death and the resurrection and the temple of His body,
With His own glory reveal the Father’s glory (Jn17:5) for
He is the glory of the only begotten Son, the incarnate Word (Jn1:1, 14).

While even the devil and the demons recognized Him (Mt4:3; Mk1:24),
The people did not (Jn1:10) because of which
He displayed His glory through signs (Mt9:8, 15:31).
However, since He did not seek to be glorified by men but rather only by the Father (Jn12:21-24),
He was put to death by the Jews who considered Him to be blasphemous.

As He died, He said, “It is finished” (Jn19:30), declaring that He:
1) Died according to the Father’s command and glorified Him with the glory of the Son (Jn10:18; Php2:6-11);
2) Judged the devil who tempted to fraud glory (1Jn3:8); and
3) With His blood redeemed all men who were slaves to be brought into the glory of the children of God (Rm8:21).

He resurrected and received the crown of glory and
Entered eternal glory (Rev21:24).

The Holy Spirit who was sent from there
Lets the glory of Jesus Christ be known (Jn16:14): that is, Jesus is God, the Messiah.

The man of the Spirit is he who,
For his lowly body to be transformed into the glorious body like that of the Lord
On the day Jesus Christ returns (Php3:20-21),
Whatever he does, he does it for the glory of the Lord (1Co10:31).
Through prayer (Jn14:13), his transformed life (1Pe2:12),
Rejoicing in hardship (1Pe1:7-9) and
When insulted because of the name Yeshua (Ac5:41; 1Pe4:14), for
He longs to sow in dishonor to raise in glory (1Co15:43).

O Lord,
In every moment of our lives
Let us live for the glory of Jesus Christ and
Whenever and wherever we die
Let us die with a dignity of the Christian like Stephen. Amen.
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