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Sun, May 31, 2020

Those Whom God Keeps Alive

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Those Whom God Keeps Alive

God is the only God (1Ti1:17).
For Himself He made all things (Ge22:8; 2Ki19:15; Col1:16) and
He can freely put to death or let live whomever.
He keeps alive those who remain in Him.

Faith is fully acknowledging this and
The life of this faith is in order to be kept alive by Him, striving to become a man after God’s own heart (Jn15:4; Ac13:22).

The only God (Potentate) refers to the one who holds absolute power.
God who created all things by His word (Ge1)
Also burns up all things by His word (2Pe3:7),
Like a gardener who works for his profit
Freely cuts off branches or prunes them to be more fruitful (Jn15:1-2).

The Bible records a repeated history of expansion and contraction for God’s purpose.
During the creation God blessed the man and the woman so
They multiplied and the earth became filled with people (Ge1:28).
To one man among them, God breathed the breath of life, making him a living being (Ge2:7),
Adam, who sinned and was banished from the Garden.
So he returned to the ground from which he was taken (Ge3:23)
Living with the created people (Ge6:1-2).
The deluge was a vast work that only spared Noah and his family who were
In accordance with God’s dispensation.
In other words, it kept only the descendants of Adam (the living being) alive (Ge6:9-9) and
Wiped out all those who were only flesh (Ge6:3-7).

For their ancestors, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were blessed to multiply (Ge17:2),
The Israelites who were only 70 when entering Egypt (Ex1:5)
Grew to about 700,000 males 430 years later at the time of the exodus (Nu1:46).
After 40 years in the wilderness, however, only two of them crossed the Jordan.
Furthermore, the Northern Kingdom of Israel was destroyed in 722 BC and
The Southern Kingdom of Judah collapsed in 587 BC;
After their exile of 70 years, only a tenth returned.

Nevertheless, they longed for the restoration of Israel (Ac1:6)
As the Temple that had the name Jehovah there
Reminded them of God’s promise of the growth of their people and kingdom stood.

So when Yeshua said, “Destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days” (Jn2:19),
He was hated by them but through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body,
He would make His people not in Jehovah’s name but in Yeshua the Father’s name (Jn5:43, 17:11)
Not only a selective group but the souls of all nations (Rm9:25).

He called those whom He wanted so they can be with Him (Mk3:13) and
He taught them in details (Mt13:11) regarding
The relationship among the Gardener—the vine—the branch as
One among the Father—the Son—souls, that is,
The inseparable, vital relationship (Jn15:1-8).
However, one of the 12, Judas Iscariot left (Jn6:70-71) to do
His predestined part, the work of betraying Yeshua (Jn13:26-30).

As Yeshua died, He said, “It is finished” (Jn19:30), declaring that He:
1) Willingly surrendered His life to the Father who can raise Him back to life (Jn10:17-18; He5:7), as a seed falling to bear much fruit (Mk4:30-32; Jn12:24), a man after God’s own heart (Ac13:22);
2) Judged the devil who challenged the absolute authority (Is14:12-15; Ge3:4-6); and
3) With His redeeming blood, the Spirit that gives life, brought back to life the living spirit (Jn6:54-56; 1Co15:45; Eph1:7).

After He resurrected, He ascended to heaven and
Became the only Sovereign and Lord (Jude1:4).

The Holy Spirit came in the name Yeshua
First to the 120 believers by whom the gospel spread from
Jerusalem to Judea to Samaria to the ends of the earth (Ac1:8).

A disciple is a soul brought back to life by the blood of Yeshua.
He is called in the name Yeshua into the church His chosen body where
He attaches as a member (1Co12:12; Eph5:30) for
He longs to remain attached to the vine the church and bear fruit,
Becoming one whom God keeps alive.
When the Lord returns he longs to be taken up to the Father’s house as
One of the few with faith (Jn17:12; Lk18:8; Rm9:27).

O Lord,
How You called us and
Let us remain attached to the church to this day and
Finally allowing us to return to Your house to worship together with Your church —
All this is Your grace!
Let us become simple-minded, listen closely to the word (Ac17:11),
Fear the Lord (1Sa13:14) and be faithful to death (Rev2:10) so
We can become those after Your own heart.
Hold us fast and keep us alive until the end! Amen.
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