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Sun, Jun 07, 2020

Those Who Love the Glorious Kingdom of Jesus Christ

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Those Who Love the Glorious Kingdom of Jesus Christ
(Ps145:11-13; 1Pe2:1-10)

God is the God of glory (Ps19:1).
He gloriously establishes His kingdom and
Inherits the kingdom to those who are faithful for the glory of His kingdom (Mt25:31-34).

Faith is boasting and loving His kingdom.
The life of this faith is being faithful to His kingdom to death in order to inherit the kingdom (2Th1:4-5).

While everyone is remarkably patriotic during national athletic games
As a nation is one’s glory and pride,
Even a superpower nation that has prided itself on its “exceptionalism” faces
Shameful past and realities it rather hide for
No earthly nation and its glories can last.

Nevertheless, the Bible reveals God’s glorious kingdom that rules over all (Ps103:19),
A kingdom that cannot be shaken (He11:28).

Since the ancestor of all men, Adam, was deceived by the devil and sinned,
All men became slaves of the devil, the prince of the world (Ge3:4-6; 2Pe2:19).

As God prophesied to Abraham that many nations and kings would come from him (Ge17:4-6),
To his descendants, the Israelites, who, for 430 years, had become
Slaves of the superpower nation at the time,
God sent Moses to deliver them to make them His holy people, a kingdom of God (Ex19:6).
The mercy seat above the ark in the sanctuary (Is37:16) was where
Jehovah was seated as their king and ruled over them with His laws (Dt4:7-8).

While to no other nation had God come near and fight for them (Dt4:7-8, 9:3),
When they entered Canaan they rejected Him as their king and
Choosing a man king, the kingdom of Israel was born (1Sa8:6-9).
However, it became divided into two, both of which eventually collapsed:
The Northern Kingdom of Israel in 722 BC and the Southern Kingdom of Judah in 586 BC.

Yeshua said, “Destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days,” because
Through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body (Jn2:19-20),
He would establish not an earthly kingdom ruled by the Law of Moses
But the Father’s kingdom ruled by the truth (Mt26:29) for
He came as the King of glory (Ps24:7-10), the kingdom of heaven (Mt3:2).

But Yeshua was put to death by those who
Only longed for the restoration of Israel (Lk19:11; Ac1:6) and wanted to make Him king (Jn6:15), and
By Pilate who did not want to be seen as a traitor to the Caesar (Jn19:12).

Underneath a sign that said, “the King of the Jews” (Mt27:27),
Yeshua died but He said, “It is finished” (Jn19:30), declaring that He:
1) By dying with sin, death, and all curse and destroying all (1Co15:24; 2Pe2:24), gloriously established the Father’s kingdom (Php2:6-11);
2) Judged the devil the prince of the world (Jn16:31; 1Jn3:8; Rev12:9-10); and
3) With His blood purchased souls and made them His kingdom (Rev5:9-10).

He resurrected and entered the eternal kingdom of the beloved Son (Col1:13; 2Pe1:11).
The Holy Spirit whom He sent
Comes to the souls and the church purchased by His blood (Ac20:28),
The government of the kingdom of God (Mk9:1).

The Christian is he who loves the kingdom of the Lord Yeshua,
The kingdom established by the truth, ruled by the truth, understood by the truth.
He is a worker of the kingdom, the church (Col1:25, 4:11) and is faithful to death
For His kingdom to stand firmly (1Ti3:15)
For His kingdom to reign fully, and
For His kingdom to expand to all nations, as
He longs for the kingdom to come in glory and receive as inheritance (Lk22:28-30; 1Th4:16-17).

O Lord,
As things in the world are shaken,
We are not shaken because we have a kingdom that is unshaken,
Your church on earth, the kingdom where the truth is its ideology, its law.
This is our glory, our pride, our love!
Let all members of the Church of Jesus
Fully understand this and love the kingdom, the church to death! Amen.
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