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Sun, Aug 30, 2020

Those Bought By the Precious Blood of Christ

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Those Bought By the Precious Blood of Christ
(Eph1:7; 1Pe1:18-19)

God is the Owner.
By His word He made all things and is their Owner (Ex19:5) and
By His blood He purchases souls and is their Owner (Ac20:28).
He rewards those who live for His profit all His possessions (Mt24:46-47).

Faith is knowing who my owner is and what my true worth is and
The life of this faith is only doing according to the Owner’s will and living for His gain (Mt24:42-51).

Redemption means a release by payment or buying back.
While selling and buying human bodies is considered as a terrible crime today,
Selling and buying their time, knowledge, talent, experiences etc is considered natural.
As such, those with bodies with astronomical prices are objects of envy.

While all things God created belong to Him (Ps24:1, 100:3; Hag2:8),
When Adam, the ancestor of all men, was deceived by the devil and sinned,
All men became the devil’s slaves and possession (Ge3:4-6; 2Pe2:19).

God’s work to redeem all men from the devil began vWhen He sent Moses into Egypt to redeem Israel and
On the night of the Passover had them each pay the price of the blood of a lamb, by which
They were finally delivered from their slavery of 430 years under the pharaoh (Ex12:29-31).

To remember that it was the LORD who redeemed them
From the hands of their enemies and trouble (Neh1:10; Ps106:10; Is43:1),
He commanded them to build the sanctuary where
They gave the Passover sacrifice every year (Ex12:27).
Furthermore, the written code placed inside the ark (Ex25:21; Col2:14)
Reminded them that they were servants of the LORD (Dt8:14; Ps100:3).

In spite of the fact that what was vowed to the LORD was to
Not be redeemed or sold (Lev27:2-15, 28-29; Jdg11:30-31),
Over time, they considered it burdensome (Mal1:12-13) and
Even robbed what belong to the LORD (Mal3:7-9), because of which
Their whole nation was under a curse.

Yeshua said, “Destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days,” because
Through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body (Jn2:19-20),
He would pay the highest price of not the blood of animals but
His own blood, the blood of God, His life (Mt20:28; Ac20:28; Rev5:9) and
Purchase not flesh but souls (Mt13:44-47) for
It was time to make them God’s treasured possession (Mal3:17).

As He died, He said, “It is finished” (Jn19:30), declaring that He:
1) Offered His own blood to the Father (Lev27:28-29), trusting that the Father would redeem Him from death (Ps49:15) and give Him the eternal possession (He1:2);
2) Condemned the devil the thief (Ge3:4-6; Is14:12-15; Jn10:8; 1Jn3:8); and
3) With His blood bought back souls, canceling the written code (Col2:14), for the redemption of souls is costly God Himself did it (Ps49:7-8).

He resurrected and ascended to heaven, and
He is the Lamb on the throne of grace (He4:16).

The Holy Spirit whom He sent comes and lets souls know that
For God to make His eternal possession
Those who have no value on their own (Lev27:2-7) and on their own would have gone to hell,
He paid the highest price so they could never be returned (Ecc5:13).

A disciple knows that at the price of His precious blood (1Pe1:18-19)
He has been forgiven and justified (Rm3:24; Eph1:7).
Therefore, he willingly becomes an eternal free slave of Christ (Ex21:2-6; 1Co7:22) and
Uses his free will only to obey for he is no longer a slave to sin (Rm6:6-14; 1Co6:19-20).
For he knows that his body, time, talents, treasures all belong to his Owner and
For his many sins have been forgiven he loves much (Lk7:47, 21:4) and
Does not hold back but gives willingly and in joy (Mt13:45; Mk14:2-9).
As a member of the church purchased with His blood (Ac20:28-31),
He edifies and shares his food with those entrusted to him
For when the Owner returns,
All His possessions would become his own (Mt24:42-51).

O Lord,
How could God be so foolish to buy me, a pathetic worthless sinner?
How could he hoard me to His harm (Ecc5:13)?
Let us all know this amazing grace of Your redemption and our true worth and
Let us live proudly.
Following our true worth, let us live according to Your will and be used for Your gain!
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