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Sun, Nov 29, 2020

He Who Has Chosen the Narrow Gate

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He Who Has Chosen the Narrow Gate

God is the Lord of faith.
Without faith it is impossible to please Him (He11:6) and
For those who believe Him He opens the gates of heaven.

Those who seek to gain happiness
Through various gates such as college entrance, employment, immigration etc
Must compete all their life and strive to pass through
But in the end no one can pass through the gates of death.

While religions and philosophies focus on the journey as being important,
Faith is choosing the gate that leads to life, the final destination, and
The life of this faith is even if the way is narrow and difficult,
Without turning back finishing the way.

The way to life was cut off for all men (Ge3:24) for
Sin crouched at the door for all because of their ancestor Adam (Ge3:4-6, 4:7).

The Bible shows that it is only a few of faith who can enter life.
While all men were wiped out by water
Noah and his family, just eight of them, were saved by entering the door of the ark.
Moreover, on the night of Passover while all firstborns in the entire land of Egypt died
The Israelites who had the blood of lamb around their door frame lived (Ex12:23, 29).
Moreover, while many chariots and horsemen of Egypt drowned in the sea (Ex14:22-26),
The Israelites went through the sea on dry ground.

Yet among the 600,000 adults who passed through the gates of the Red Sea (Nu1:46)
Only Joshua and Caleb crossed the Jordan River for
They resented God because of the way in the wilderness (Nu14:1-30, 21:4-5).

The temple was the model of the itinerary of Israel:
The courtyard entrance —> the courtyard (the Levites);
The tabernacle entrance —> the Holy place (the priests); and
The veil —> the Most Holy Place (the high priest).
In other words, it was entering the holy dwelling of God (Ex15:13) and
Without the blood of animals no one could enter (He13:11).

Yeshua said, “Destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days,” because
Through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body (Jn2:19-22),
He would become the gate for the sheep (Jn10:7-9) and
The way to the Father’s house (Jn14:6).
However, only a few people will be saved (Mt19:23-24; Lk13:23) because
One must strive to enter through the narrow door, like struggling, entering a battle,
That is, entering life, the kingdom of God.
If not, it is the way that leads to destruction, hell (Mt7:13, 13:50; Lk13:28).

As He died the temple veil tore (Mt27:51) and He said, “It is finished” (Jn19:30), declaring that He:
1) Through His death broke through the gate of death and opened the gate to heaven (Php2:8; He10:19-20);
2) Judged the devil the ruler of death (He2:14); and
3) Sprinkled His redeeming blood on all mankind (Eph1:7; 1Pe1:18-19).

The tomb opened before the resurrected Christ (Mt28:2)
For no gate can keep Him out anymore (Jn20:19).
He is the Lamb on the heavenly throne (Rev5:9) who has
Marks of tearing His flesh and opening the heavenly gates.

The Holy Spirit whom He sent
Lets the souls who have gained confidence through the blood of Yeshua
Enter the way opened through the veil, a new and living way (He10:19-20).

A disciple of Yeshua is he who
Has chosen the narrow gate well knowing its difficulty (Mt7:13-14).
He rejects the prosperity gospel which deceives souls and
Puts to death his earthly nature, greed etc which is idolatry (Col3:5).
Even if he has to lay down his own righteousness, will, dream, plan, treasures etc (Mk10:25),
He strives to enter through the opened doors of the church (Mt16:19; Rev3:8) and
Walks the narrow way towards heaven for
God is not pleased with many without faith (1Co10:1-12).

O Lord,
Let us all lay down all our heavy burdens at the cross and
Even if we have to walk the narrow way, the thorny path
Let not even one of us turn back.
When I the soul cross the Jordan, let the gates of heaven be open! Amen.
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