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Sun, Dec 06, 2020

Those Who have Zeal

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Those Who Have Zeal
(Ps69:9; Jn2:13-22)

God is zealous.
He is zealous for His good works and
What He spoke in His zeal He accomplishes it (Eze5:13; Is9:7, 37:23).

Faith is admiring and longing for Him and
The life of this faith is with the zeal of God being zealous until the end.

Zeal allows people to focus so
Whether it is academics, business, work, athletics, arts etc
Those who have zeal until the end can succeed,
But those do not have zeal in everything they do, those who cool off along the way would
Only become dropouts.

During the creation the zeal of God was revealed through all things He created (Rm1:20).
Even though they will all be burned up one day, He made them all differently a whole variety of them.

In the Bible there are those who lived zealously according to the word of God and succeeded:
Noah who built the ark and saved his entire family from the judgment by deluge (He11:7),
Abraham who gave his only son whom he received at 100 (He11:17),
Jacob who grasped the blessing from the angel with whom he wrestled (Ge32:28).

During the exodus of Israel God mobilized 10 plagues and
It was according to the world that the zeal of the LORD would accomplish it (Ge15:13; Is9:7).

For the people whom He chose, Israel, were also extremely zealous,
The more they were oppressed, the more they multiplied and spread (Ex1:12).
God led them into the wildness and instructed them to build the sanctuary so
They would remember Him and be zealous for:
The name of God — Jehovah (1Ki19:14);
The covenant — He would be their God (Ge17:7);
The Law — they would keep it and observe it (Ex19:8, 24:7);
The meeting place with God — longed for it (Ex25:22; Ps102-134); and
Their seed — their flesh and blood to be distinguished (Ge22:17-18).

So when Yeshua came and said, “Destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days,”
The Jews who had longed for and had great zeal for the Temple conspired to put Him to death.
However, it was through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body (Jn2:19-22),
Yeshua should accomplish the zeal of the Father (Is9:7; Eze5:13).
As such He preached and prayed with zeal (Lk22:43-44).

As He died, He said, “It is finished” (Jn19:30), declaring that:
1) His zeal that longed for the heavenly temple accomplished the zeal of the Father who loves mankind (Jn3:16);
2) Condemned the devil who changed his heart and left his proper position (1Jn3:8; Jude1:6); and
3) Poured out all His blood and water and redeemed all men (Jn19:34; 1Pe1:18-19).

After He resurrected and
Ascended to the throne in the heavenly temple, the New Jerusalem (Rev22:1),
The success of His zeal.

The Holy Spirit whom He sent comes
To those who believe His promise and zealously long for Him (Ac1:4-5, 15; 1Co15:6).
He lets them be all the more zealous with the zeal of God (2Co11:2) for:
1) The name of God — Yeshua (Mt28:19; Jn5:43, 17:11; Rev19:13);
2) The covenant — His return and the resurrection to life (Jn5:29, 14:1-3);
3) The truth — the duty to keep, defend and teach (Mt5:13; Rm10:2; 2Co11:4);
4) The temple — the church, worship, gathering, longing for the heavenly the temple (Mt18:20; 1Co3:16; 1Ti3:15; He9:23-24); and
5) Souls — having the zeal to save souls (Ac1:6; Tit2:14).

The distinctive characteristics of disciples of Yeshua is that
They are all zealous.
Even if they are persecuted they continue to preach (Ac4:18-20),
When speaking in tongues they do it like their tongues are set on fire (1Co14:18), and
With zeal they serve whatever the given work, given opportunity for
They long to not be found as lukewarm and be spat out in the last day (Rev2:4, 3:15-19),
Instead be able to enter the New Jerusalem to meet with the Lord (Ps42:1-2; Rev22:14).

O Lord,
We were once all zealous
Losing sleep, praying like crazy, looking for souls
Laying down without regret or fear…so fired up…
Our hearts ache for those days!
Let us go back to our first love, our first passion.
O Lord, let us be zealous! Amen.
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