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Sun, Jan 03, 2021

God Will Not Surpass Faith

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God Will Not Surpass Faith
(He11:6; 1Pe1:9)

God is the Lord of faith (He12:2).
Faith comes from Him and
He rewards those who believe Him (He11:6).

Faith is believing that God is living as a person and
The life of this faith is living by the faith revealed by God for the salvation of my soul (1Pe1:9).

No one lives without faith:
Self-confidence — the faith of the natural people — based on one’s own knowledge and faith;
Faith — the faith of God — based on God’s word and the Bible.
Faith is the only element to be adhered to God; with it nothing is impossible (Mk9:23).

What is faith? Possessing the things hoped for (He11:1)
What is the purpose? To save my soul from hell (1Pe1:9)
What do I believe?
The one true living God (Mk11:22; Jn17:3);
Creationism (Ge1:1-31): the theory of evolution is false;
The two worlds: the material and the spiritual worlds, the spiritual beings (God, angels and men);
The Bible: written by those inspired by the Spirit of God (2Ti3:15-17), and contains covenants and prophecies.

For Adam did not believe in the word of God
But rather believed in the word of the devil and ate the forbidden fruit (Ge2:17, 3:4-6),
His descendants, all men, became hell-bound with the devil (Mt25:41).

Abraham is the father of faith for
Once called by God he obeyed and left his home not knowing where he was going (He11:8),
Knowing that his body was as good as dead he did not waver through unbelief but was
strengthened in his faith and gave birth to a son at 100 (Rm4:19-20), and
For he believed that God could even raise the dead he gave his only son as a sacrifice (He11:17-19).

Rather than wealth and prosperity Moses chose to be mistreated with the people of God for
He knew that there is reward in faith (He11:24-28).

Through the many supernatural signs present during the exodus
Israel believed the LORD God of their ancestors (Ex4:5, 31).
In the wilderness, however, they grumbled against God and treated Him with contempt (Nu4:11),
So without entering the promised land all but two died (Nu14:11, 31).

After settling in Canaan, they did not listen to or believe the prophets sent by God and
Instead followed the nations around them and their idols — thus destroyed (2Ki17:13-18).

Yeshua said, “Destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days,” because
Through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body (Jn2:19-21),
He would save those who believe in not the word of Jehovah but the word of Yeshua.
When those with various illnesses, such as the mother of the demon-possessed daughter
(Mt15:28), The woman subject to bleeding (Mk5:34), the blind man (Mk10:52),
The man with leprosy (Lk17:12-19) etc came before Him and were healed,
Yeshua said, “Your faith has healed (saved) you.”

Though He rebuked the disciples for having little faith and doubt (Mt14:28-31; Lk8:24-25),
He said to pray so their faith will not fail (Lk22:32-33).

For the joy set before Him Yeshua died and said, “It is finished” (Jn19:30), for
The Word in the beginning, the Lord of faith God came in the flesh (Jn1:1-2, 14) and
By dying He perfected faith (He12:2):
He believed that He would receive back His life so offered up His life according to the Father’s commandment (Jn10:17-18);
Judged the devil who sowed the seeds of doubt (Ge3:4-6; Mt13:25); and
Sprinkled His redeeming blood on believers (Eph1:7).

He resurrected and sat at the right hand of God and sent
The Holy Spirit who came to the souls of those who have the faith to be saved (Ac14:9) and
Lets my faith save me.

The danger for the Christian is when his faith becomes an idea or fossilized,
Believing in knowledge (the past) but having no relevance or application in life (the present).
For when reason (doubt) surpasses, faith crumbles.

My faith that will save me is believing that:
Jesus Christ is living and is coming back to judge the living and the dead (2Ti4:1);
Doing according to His word — worship, gathering etc (Mt18:20);
When I cry out in the name Yeshua He will hear (Lk18:1-8); and
For His blood is in me even if I die today my soul goes to paradise,
For the ultimate power of faith is the faith that will save me from perishing (Jn3:16) and
Such is the faith that the world is not worthy of (He11:35-38).

O Lord,
The Faith that was with God in the beginning,
The Faith that Jesus Christ fulfilled!
That faith is in me and it is my faith that will finally save me from Hades.
For God will not surpass such faith, let me never surpass it.
Let me never lose it! Amen.
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