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Sun, Feb 27, 2011

Save Your Household

Save Your Household 
(Ac 16:19-24) 

God is the God of salvation(Ps 51:14, Ps 68:20). 
Salvation comes from Him(Jnh 2:9) and 
Salvation is in Him alone(Ps 3:8). 

Faith is knowing such a great salvation and receiving it(He 2:3) and 
The life of this faith is working out salvation in fear(Php 2:12) and putting every effort to save one’s own household(Ac 16:30). 

The Bible indicates that salvation is 
The spiritual body being saved from the price of sin, hell – i.e., the burning universe 
(Mk 9:44; Rm 6:23; 1Co 15:44; 2Pe 3:7). 

There are two types of created spiritual beings: angel and man. 
Because God never planned to save angels(He 2:16), 
The angels who sinned once must face judgment(2Pe 2:4; Jude 1:6), 
Man, on the other hand, was made to inherit salvation(He 1:14). 
Thus, even though he sinned, God redeems and saves him(He 2:14). 

Deceived by the devil, 
Adam, the living being, sinned and death entered, and 
All men became destined for hell(Rm 5:12). 

The exodus of Israel is a sign of the great salvation. 
When the hardship of Israel reached its height, 
God sent Moses(Ex 2:23) and delivered them 
From the authority of the pharaoh(Ex 5:1), 
From the pursuing army of pharaoh and from Egypt. 

The sanctuary was a model of the salvation to come. 
The altar was where the blood of the sacrifice was poured and its meat burned(Lev 4:7, Lev 4:10), and sin punished and its price paid. 
Hence, sinners could hold on to the horns of the altar and be spared(1Ki 1:50); 
Yet it was neither perfect nor eternal(He 10:11-14). 

Jesus said, “Destroy the temple and I will raise it in three days, ” because 
Through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body(Jn 2:19-21), 
He was going to save souls from the fire of hell for He is 
The eternal horns of salvation who came according to the prophecies(Lk 1:69-72; Jn 4:22), 
In the name Yeshua, the name of the God of salvation(M 1:21). 

As He died, He said, “It is finished”(Jn 19:30), declaring that: 
1. The One who could save Him from Hades is the Father God of salvation alone(He 5:7-9); 
2. He condemned the devil, the origin of sin(1Jn 3:8); and 
3. By tearing His flesh and shedding His blood, He redeemed the sins of men and set them from the slavery of the devil(Rm 8:2;2Co 5:14; He 2:15). 
Jesus rose, ascended to heaven and sat on the throne. 
He is the eternal source of salvation(He 5:9). 

The Holy Spirit comes to souls who received the blood of Jesus and 
Preaches the good news that saves those who believe and call on the name Yeshua 
(Ac 4:12; Ac 16:31). 

The faith that arrives at salvation(Rm 10:10; He 10:12): 
1. Confesses with mouth and the heart is sprinkled with His blood; 
2. Confesses through baptism(deed) and set free from the pursue of the devil and demons(Rm 6:6-12); and 
3. Testifies through the Holy Spirit and achieving salvation for oneself and household. 
The people of the Spirit are those who 
Know such a great salvation(He 2:2-4) and 
Therefore preach and admonish even if they are beaten, harshly treated, and 
Finally save their own souls, the souls of their household and of those given to them. 

O Lord, 
How terrifying hell must be that 
For such a great salvation You sent the Son to die! 
Though we say we believe, 
We do not even lose sleep over the souls of our unbelieving family... 
Give us the heart of saving souls. 
And surely save me, my family and all those You have given me! Amen. 
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