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Logos USA IV Graduates 27 Students

Logos USA IV commencement was held on March 9, 2014 with 27 graduates successfully completing the Logos Bible Institute, an intensive, year-long program that teaches the God-centered view of the Bible and the will of God. Cindy Park and Won, Ji Young were the honored graduates. Eighteen graduates received perfect attendance awards.

Pastor Jo Kim, Logos USA lecturer and English Ministry pastor, gave the commencement sermon that emphasized the values of knowing Jesus and the power of His Resurrection. We need to be found in Him and used for His purpose until He calls us a second time to meet Him in the air. Pastor Kim exhorted the class that they have the tools to know Him every day and to partner with Him to expand His Kingdom and lead souls to Him.

Pastor Sung-Kee Kang reminded the graduating class that they have been equipped to live by the Word of God. As disciples, who received the Holy Spirit, she said, we have three privileges: to know what the Truth is in Jesus, to be equipped with the language to speak the truth and to share in the call of making disciples of all nations.

In the valediction given by Cindy Park, she thanked Pastors Kim and Kang, on behalf of the graduating class, for their hard work and dedication to preaching and teaching the Truth. She also pledged that the Logos USA IV graduating class of 2014 will carry the word they have received and make disciples of all nations.

On the following evening, the Logos graduates along with the Pastors shared a graduation/ appreciation dinner in the fellowship hall. The graduates shared their personal testimonies, reflecting on the lessons they learned during Logos. Many graduates expressed that through Logos they realized how ignorant they were in understanding the Word and the Plan of God. Through the Bible-based teaching they received in Logos, they felt better prepared to teach and confidently share the gospel with friends, family and those they seek to evangelize.

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