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Sun, Mar 08, 2020

The Meek

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The Meek

God is meek (Ps18:35).
With His meekness He brings the world on its knees before Him and
He lets the meek inherit the land (Ps37:11).

Faith is kneeling before Him and being taught His way (Ps25:9) and
The life of this faith is infinitely yielding in order to inherit the land.

The meek, the gentle are those who
Even when disagreed, generously yield and
Thus make friends expanding their domain.
The rigid, on the other hand, cannot tolerate or let go even the smallest thing and
Thus make enemies and are not welcomed.

Adam was deceived by the devil (Ge3:4-6), that is,
Lucifer who sinned in heaven and was cast into Hades (Is14:12-15).
Because he sinned, Adam was cast out of the Garden, losing the land that he ruled (Ge3:24).

By allowing his nephew Lot to choose a land (Ge13:9)
Abram received the land of Canaan which
God promised his descendants as their eternal inheritance (Ge13:15).
The land of Sodom which Lot chose, however, was burned down to ashes (Ge13:10-11, 19:24).

The Israelites who were slaves in Egypt
Later conquered the stronghold of Canaan for
The LORD gave the land that He swore to their ancestors into their hands (Dt2:36).
He drove out their enemies (Ex23:28; Nu32:21) and
Let them possess every place where they set their foot (Jos1:3, 6) and
The inhabitants of the land were subdued before them (Neh9:24).

Even though the Temple where the name Jehovah was reminded them this,
As they mingled with gentiles and worshipped their idols,
Israel became subdued by gentiles (Ps106:34-38).

Yeshua said, “Destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days,” because
Though the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body (Jn2:19-22),
He would conquer not the land of Canaan but a new heaven and a new earth (Rev21:1).
Although He came to His own land, since He came as the Son of Man (Jn1:9)
There was neither anyone welcoming Him nor a place for Him to dwell (Mt8:20).
Even as He was passed on to death He did not resist (Lk22:48-53; Jn18:10).

As He died, He said, “It is finished” (Jn19:30), declaring that He:
1) Yielded all even His life and fulfilled the Father’s will (Jn10:17-18);
2) Judged the devil who left his proper dwelling (Is14:12-15; Jude1:6);
3) By giving His life as a ransom brought all men to their knees before Him (Mt20:28; Rev5:9).

He resurrected and sat on the heavenly throne.
Through His meekness He subdued the whole world to its knees before Him (Php2:6-11).

The Holy Spirit whom He sent
Comes to the souls, as a spiritual land, who receive Him and rules over them.

A disciple of Yeshua is blessed who has a meek heart.
He receives the Word with meekness (Jas1:19-21),
Quick to hear but slow to speak, slow to anger.
While on earth he does not resist the evil one (Mt5:38-48):
If anyone slaps him on his right cheek he turns to him the other also;
If anyone forces him to go one mile, he goes with them two miles.
He infinitely yields and loses but
Never revenges (Ps37:5-11)
So that he might save more men (1Co9:19-22).

O Lord,
Let us not commit a folly of
After having zealously evangelized, cared and served selflessly,
By having hair triggers or lashing back at the smallest thing and
Then losing the big reward…
To the end, let us lose, submit, give and give…yielding
To gain, to win souls.
When we enter the new heaven
Let us all be welcomed!
This is the prayer for our lifetime! Amen.
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