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Sun, May 16, 2021

God Will Not Surpass Honor

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God Will Not Surpass Honor
(Mal3:16-18; Jn12:26)

God is the God of honor.
He honors Himself, makes a name for Himself (Da9:15) and
He honors those who honor His name (1Sa2:30; Mal3:16).

Faith is knowing His honor, the name of God, and honoring it (Jdg13:17) and
The life of this faith is doing all things honorably and restoring the honor of His name.

Different from animals, humans desire and value honor.
While some commit honor killing for the sake of their name
Others want to leave behind their names in halls of fame as
One’s name is one’s honor.

The Bible demonstrates that after God makes name for Himself (Da9:15)
He lets His name be known and revered.
When God led Israel out of Egypt
Through the pharaoh, the army, signs and wonders (Ex14:17-18; Neh9:10)
He made the fame of His name Jehovah be known (Is42:8).
He gave them the commandments to
Not blaspheme the name of the LORD their God (Ex20:7), lest they be put to death (Ex24:15).
The temple built for the name Jehovah, God’s honor (1Ki8:16; Ps26:8) was
Also the honor of Israel, God’s people called by His name (2Ch7:14).

In spite of this, Israel became corrupted and eventually fell for
They dishonored and showed contempt for His name (Mal1:6, 2:1-3).
Yet God’s plan to make His name great among the nations and
Honor those who honor His name continued (Mal1:11, 3:16-18).

When Yeshua said, “Destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days,” and
The Jews wanted to charge and punish Him for blasphemy (Mt26:61).
But through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body (Jn2:19-21),
He would deliver not Israel from their enemies but all men from the prince of the world (Jn12:31),
Not in the name Jehovah but in the Father’s name Yeshua (Jn5:43).
Though He was received unkindly and treated with contempt He endured (Mt12:24; Jn8:49)
For the Word in the beginning came in the likeness of a servant, the Son of Man,
For the Father’s honor, not His own (Jer20:8; Mt20:28, 26:39; Php2:7).

As He died, He said, “It is finished” (Jn19:30), declaring that He:
1) By suffering insult and reproach restored the honor of the Father’s name (Ps69:7; Jer15:15; Php2:11);
2) Condemned Satan who insulted God’s honor and challenged the throne (Is14:12-15); and
3) With His redeeming blood delivered all men who had been slaves to the devil (Eph1:7).

The Father raised Him back to life and seated Him on the throne.
Crowned with glory and honor, Yeshua reigns forever (Zep3:19-20; He2:9).

The Holy Spirit whom He sent is the Advocate who testifies the name Yeshua (Jn15:26) and
Lets believers defend His innocence who died a wrongful death,
Beginning with baptism (Mt28:19), the first command of Christ, which is
The act that restores the honor of the name Yeshua.

The honor of the Christian is the fact that
In his place the Son of God died (Rm5:6-8; 1Co5:21),
The blood of God is in his soul (Ac20:28; 1Pe1:18-19),
He is baptized in His name (Mt28:19; Ac2:38),
He possesses the truth, the surpassing worth of knowing Christ (Php3:8),
He belongs to the church whose head is the name Yeshua (Mt18:20; Eph5:23) and
He is an ambassador for the work of God (1Co5:20).
Therefore, he does not sin for the honor of His name and
Does everything — worship, pray, praise, serve, testify and even suffering —
Honorably (Rm14:8; 1Co10:31; Php1:20-21).
He does not beg or steal but works with his own hands to eat (1Th4:11; 2Th3:11-12; Php4:11),
Does not worry about food or tomorrow (Mt6:26-32; 1Ti5:8) and
Does not give up no matter what for
On the day the Lord returns
He longs to be where the Lord is and be honored by Him (Mal3:16; Jn12:26).

O Lord,
It is my honor to serve You, Yeshua!
Even if we are poor or persecuted, it is our honor.
Even if we have to give up our breath, it is our honor.
Let us testify and restore the honor of the name Yeshua! Amen.
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