Sun, Feb 09, 2020
The One Who Knows Yeshua
John 15:15-27 by Pastor Jo Kim
Series: Put On the Armor of Light
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The One Who Knows Yeshua

God is the God of revelation (Mt11:25-27).
He reveals Himself in His time, according to His way, and
He lets Himself be known to him whom He chooses.

Faith is knowing according to what He reveals and
The life of this faith is risking one’s life to testify what is known (Jn15:27).

God revealed Himself in stages:
First, the former revelation — the natural revelation — through all things (Rm1:19-20);
The latter revelation — the special revelation — through the Son (Jn1:14, 16, 18).

The Israelites were the servants of Jehovah (Ps113:1).
While He spoke to their ancestors through the prophets at many times in various ways (He1:1),
The revelation they received was an indirect one.
As such, Moses could not see the face of God but only saw His back (Ex33:23).
His face was radiant because He spoke with God, because of which
He had to put a veil cover His face (Ex34:29).

Inside the tabernacle of the testimony were
The tablets of the testimony which reminded them this for generations (Ex31:18; Rev15:5).
In spite of such, the priests gave blemished sacrifice there (Mal1:13-14).

So the prophets warned them that
God desired the knowledge of God rather than burnt offerings (Hos6:3-6).

Yeshua said, “Destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days,” because
Through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body (Jn2:19-22),
He would reveal Himself to reveal God (Mt11:27) for
He is the Word in the beginning who became flesh to reveal God (Jn1:1, 14; 1Jn1:1-2),
To display Him in His face (Mt17:2, 5; Jn14:6-9; 2Co4:6).

When He called disciples, He chose those who were
Like little children (Mt11:25) to be with Him (Mt3:13).
Calling them friends (Jn15:15),
He gave them the secrets of the kingdom of heaven (Mt13:11) for
They had been with Him from the beginning as witnesses to testify Him later (1Jn1:1-2).

Judas Iscariot, however, ended up doing the work of betraying Yeshua (Jn6:70-71)
Fulfilling the Scripture (Jn13:18, 17:12) and ending his life wretchedly (Ac1:17-18).
This showed the fate of being called as a disciple but never knowing Yeshua (Mt26:24),
For knowing Him is eternal life (Jn17:2-3)

Yeshua was stripped, His flesh torn, and also the temple veil was torn (Lk23:45), and
As He died, He said, “It is finished” (Jn19:30), declaring that:
1) As the Father knows Him He knows the Father, He willingly laid down His life according to the Father’s command and completely revealed the love of the Father (Jn10:15, 17; He10:20; 1Jn4:9);
2) Judged the devil who deceived himself (Is14:12-15; 1Jn3:8); and
3) With His blood redeemed all men (Eph1:7).

He resurrected and He is seated with God on the throne in heaven (Rev22:3).
The Counselor Holy Spirit whom He sent testifies Yeshua and
Lets believers become His witnesses (Jn15:26; Ac1:8).

He who is made a disciple by the Spirit
Knows that knowing the mystery of God, Yeshua (Col2:2) is
The great surpassing knowledge (Php3:8).
Therefore he counts as rubbish all his knowledge, philosophy, argument etc and
Loses them for His sake (Php3:8), and
To not be cut off from the Spirit of revelation (Eph1:17),
He resolves to know nothing except Christ (1Co2:2),
Demolish all else that sets itself up against the knowledge of God (2Co10:5), and
Spread everywhere the aroma of the knowledge of Christ, an aroma that brings life (2Co2:14-17).

O Lord,
Let us all crush, trash, and demolish our rubbish knowledge!
And like little children
Let us soak up the word of revelation.
Let us be those who only know Yeshua! Amen.