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God Is To Be Praised
(Ex15:11; Rm9:5)

God is to be praised forever (2Co11:31).< /br>
He dwells in praises (Ps22:3) and< /br>
He is worthy to be praised for there is no one like Him in being, attributes, works etc and< /br>
Those who lift up His name He also lifts up (Ps91:14).< /br>
< /br>
Faith is setting one’s heart to praise God (Ps108:1) and< /br>
The life of this faith is to give the sacrifice of praise to God for all one’s life (Ps146:2; He13:15).< /br>
< /br>
Praise is the act of lifting God up, for which all things were made.< /br>
However, there was a rebellion in the spiritual heaven:< /br>
An archangel made to praise became proud (Eze28:12-18) and< /br>
Attempted to ascend the throne, the place to receive praise — he is Satan.< /br>
God did not spare him but contained him until the great day of judgment (2Pe2:4; Jude1:6),< /br>
In Hades, the lowest point, the darkness, the universe (Is14:11-15; Ob1:2-4).< /br>
< /br>
Adam, the ancestor of all men, fell into the deceit of the devil, Satan, to be like God and< /br>
Ate the forbidden fruit (Ge2:17, 3:4-6), and as a result< /br>
All men became slaves of the devil, bound to follow him to hell (Mt25:41; 2Pe2:19).< /br>
< /br>
Through God’s signs the Israelites who had been slaves in Egypt were delivered and< /br>
Walked through the sea on dry grounds and as soon as they set their feet on the land,< /br>
Praise burst out of their mouths (Ex15:1-11; Ps126:2).< /br>
< /br>
The Bible records through the history of Israel the praise of God:< /br>
1) Object: God, the name Jehovah, the King etc (Ps66:2, 47:6);< /br>
2) Content: a. His attributes — His greatness, righteousness, faithfulness, mercy, justice etc< /br>
b. His works — creation, saving Israel, wonders etc (Ex18:10; Ps89:5).< /br>
3) Method: voice, lips, claps, dancing, all instruments, psalms (2Ch30:21; Ps98:5, 150);< /br>
4) Time: all life, from morning until night, always;< /br>
5) Place: wherever, especially centered around the temple;< /br>
6) Who: all created things — angels, the sun, the moon, the stars, the seas, everything that has breath (Ps148:1-5);< /br>
7) Practical result: the bonds of wickedness are loosed, saved from the fall (1Ch20:17-22).< /br>
< /br>
David was the most successful one in giving praise for< /br>
Before Jehovah, he humbled and humiliated himself and< /br>
Praised Jehovah who appointed such a lowly man to be a ruler (2Sa6:14-22).< /br>
Thus he was blessed to minister before the ark, < /br>
Extol, thank and praise always for 40 years inside the tent (1Ch16:4).< /br>
< /br>
The Temple of Jerusalem was where < /br>
“Jehovah = the praise of Israel = the God of Israel” (Dt10:21) was.< /br>
So the Jewish leaders were astonished < /br>
When Yeshua said, “Destroy the temple and I will raise it again in three days,”< /br>
But through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body (Jn2:19-21),< /br>
He would let not only the people of Israel but also all peoples, their souls (Rm15:11)< /br>
Praise not the name Jehovah but the Father’s name Yeshua (Jn5:43).< /br>
During His public life He healed the sick and let them praise God (Lk18:43)< /br>
But because He acknowledged that He is the Son of the One to be praised, < /br>
He was passed over to death (Mk14:61-64).< /br>

As He died, He said, “It is finished” (Jn19:30), declaring that He:< /br>
1) Though the very nature God, equal to God, humbled himself obedient to death and exalted the Father, praised the Father (Php2:6-11);< /br>
2) Judged the devil who attempted to lift himself up (Is14:12-15; Eze28:12-18; 2Pe2:4); and< /br>
3) In the beginning — the Word — the God to be praised — became flesh (Jn1:1, 14)< /br>
His death / lowered Himself — exalted the Father — redeemed all men< /br>
His blood / grace — the forgiveness of sins — to praise the glory of His grace (Eph1:3-12).< /br>
< /br>
He resurrected, ascended to heaven and sat on the throne.< /br>
Thousands of thousand angels in heaven and those who received grace on earth lift up praises< /br>
To Him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb for ever and ever (Rev5:13, 7:12).< /br>
< /br>
The Holy Spirit comes to the church where< /br>
Those who know grace praise the glory of His grace in the assembly (He2:12) and < /br>
Lets them offer a sacrifice of praise (He13:15; Rev2:12).< /br>
The Christian praises with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs (Eph5:19) for< /br>
His great works, that is, creation and the grace of His redemption, in tears, in loud voice, and< /br>
Chains come undone (Ac16:25-26) and he never falters in life for he always praises (Ps42:5) for < /br>
When Yeshua Christ returns he longs to be lifted up high and be taken up into heaven.< /br>
< /br>
O Lord,< /br>
He’s the name above all names, You are worthy of all praise,< /br>
My heart will sing how great is our God!< /br>
Lord, You become bigger and bigger< /br>
I become smaller and smaller, my problems become smaller and smaller…< /br>
O Lord, in that day, let not even one of us remain on earth! Amen.
< /br>