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God Our Father
(Mt6:9; Rm8:14-17)

God is the Father.
With His blood He gives birth to children and
To His children He gives His glorious inheritance (Eph1:18).

Faith is believing that God in heaven is my Father (Mt23:9) and
The life of this faith is enduring discipline knowing that it is from the Father (He12:5-9), and loving
those who have become brothers by one blood (Jn13:14).

For all ages and places, the relationship between father and son is
The most enduring, unchanging relationship as
Even an evil man desires to give his best to his children (Mt7:11).

As angels were made as ministering spirits (He1:14),
There was no plan for them to become sons of God, heirs of God (He1:5, 13-14).
As such, when the archangel, Satan, sinned in heaven, he was cast out of heaven (Is14:12-15),
Only to wait for judgement without mercy (Is14:12-15; 2Pe2:4).
But when the living being, Adam, sinned deceived by Satan, the devil, and was
Driven out from the Garden, God clothed him in garments of skin (Ge2:7, 3:21):
A sign that the way to return to God would be opened
By the blood poured out of the torn flesh (Ge3:24).

Because of sin, all men would suffer for their children all their life (Ge3:16).
Adam endured the worst suffering of having one son being killed by the other son (Ge4:1-10).
David’s heart was broken by his son, an immoral insurgent and yet
His son’s death plunged him into the pit of suffering (2Sa16:22, 18:32-33).
This is the reason why in the Ten Commandments there is the commandment to honor your parents,
While there is no commandment to love your children (Ex20:12).

When it was time, the Word from the beginning came in the flesh (Jn1:1-2, 14),
The seed of the Word, the imperishable seed (1Pe1:23),
Fell on the body of the virgin Mary (Lk1:35-38) and
According to the prophecy, the offspring of the woman, the Son of God (Ge3:15) came.

Yeshua said, “Destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days,” because
Through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body (Jn2:19-21),
He would end the era when Israel called Abraham their father in Jehovah name (Lk16:24; Jn8:39),
With the inheritance of the land of Canaan (Ge17:8), and
Begin a new era when souls will call on Yeshua name the Father in heaven (Mt23:9; Jn1:12) and
Receive the spiritual heaven, the Father’s house as inheritance (Jn14:1-3).

His public life that He began as the Son of God was the beginning of His suffering (Mt3:16-17).
After fasting for 40 days, He faced the devil’s temptation (Mt4:1-10),
His neighbors rejected Him (Mk6:3), and
Even the disciples who saw His countless signs could not believe Him entirely (Mk4:41).
But whenever the unclean spirits saw Him, they shouted “the Son of God” (Mk3:11; Mt8:29).

The charge that the Jews brought as the reason for His death was (Mt26:66) because of
Calling Himself not “Christ” but “the Son of God” (Lk22:70-71).
Before their mockery He died, but He said, “It is finished” (Mt27:40; Jn19:30), declaring that:
1) He was obedient to the Father to death (Jn10:17-18), thus received the name of all names as
the inheritance for the Son (Php2:8-9; He1:4);
2) Judged the angel who challenged the throne prepared for the Son (Is14:12-15); and
3) Sprinkled His redeeming blood, the Spirit of the Son (Rm8:15; Gal4:5), which was for God to
receive many sons through mankind (Jn1:12, 12:24; Eph1:7; He1:6).

He resurrected and ascended to the throne in heaven, and He is called the Lamb for
He is the Father who has the marks of being torn and shedding blood (Rev5:12).

The Holy Spirit whom He sent
Nurtures believers to become His glorious children (Rm8:15-17) so
Through financial, social, health etc problems, though painful,
They receive them as their Father’s discipline to endure, knowing that
He is treating them as not illegitimate sons but true sons (He12:5-9).

God = our Father = the Father of the Church = the Father to those who have brothers
Those who have become members of one another, in one body in Christ (Rm12:5)
Received the command to love one another (Jn13:34) so they:

1) Have equal concern for each other, greet, comfort and encourage one another (1Co12:25; 1Th4:18; He10:24-25);
2) Bear one another in love, forgiving each other (Eph4:2, 32);
3) Share what they have with others (Ac4:32; He13:16);
4) Carry each other’s burdens (Gal6:2; 1Co12:26; Jas5:16); and
5) Honor one another above themselves (Jn13:14; Rm12:10; Gal5:13; 1Pe4:10).

O Lord,
Let us all become the children who delight our Father and make Him proud.
Let us all, not even without one member, go to the Father’s house after death! Amen.