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Have Faith In God
(Is43:10; Mk11:22-24)

God is the Lord of faith (He12:2).
Though He is invisible He exists.
He gives credible proof to believe in Him (Ac17:31) and rewards such faith (He11:6).

Faith is believing Him and
The life of this faith is keeping the faith until the end, even in trials due to faith (2Ti4:7) for
The result of faith is the salvation of one’s soul, that is, to receive eternal life (Jn3:16; 1Pe1:9),
While the world also has faith, which is in social contracts like marriage, investments, insurance etc.

Self-confidence — self-assurance — subjective — based on one’s own knowledge and experience —
probability for success (%);
Faith — the assurance of God — objective — based on the Word of God — guarantee for 100% success

The Bible says to have faith in God, to possess the faith in God (Mk11:22), since God is invisible.
*What do we believe?
a. God is living and His works/the creation (He11:3)
b. God rewards faith — justification, salvation, see the glory of God etc
*What is faith?
The substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen (He11:1-2)
*The credible evidence: the resurrection of Yeshua Christ and the Bible (Jn20:31; Ac17:31)

The history of the Bible is the march of faith:
Noah, when warned about things not yet seen, by faith built an ark and saved his family (He11:7);
Abraham believed that God gives life to the dead and calls into beings that were not (Rm4:17-20),
So he offered as a sacrifice his only son whom he received at 100 for
He reasoned that God could even raise the dead (He11:17-19).

For Israel to believe that Moses was sent by the LORD, God let him perform many signs (Ex4).
During the exodus, they saw the mighty hand of the LORD against the Egyptians and the Red Sea
So they believed the LORD and Moses (Ex14:31; Ps106:9-12).

Even after seeing numerous signs, however, during the 40 years in the wilderness,
All but two Israelites died without entering the land of Canaan, including Moses (Nu14:11-45, 20:12).
Albeit they were chosen as witnesses of Jehovah, Israel ultimately collapsed (Is43:10) for
They did not believe in God (2Ki7:13-18; Ps78:32-33).
Yet the gentile city of Nineveh was delivered right before their pending destruction for
When hearing Jonah’s warning, all the people in the kingdom with the king repented (Jnh3:4-9).

The prophet John the Baptist led men to believe through him Yeshua (Jn1:7; Ac19:4).
Yeshua said, “Destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days,” because
Through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body (Jn2:19-21),
He would end the faith that believes in the Creator God as a concept in Jehovah's name and
Give them the faith to believe in God by experience in the Father’s name Yeshua (Jn5:43).

Yeshua stressed that they believe in Him that:
1) He is one with the Father who sent Him as the Son (Jn6:44, 10:30, 11:42, 16:30);
2) His word is the truth, testifying by His signs (Mt9:29; Jn10:25; 14:11);
3) There is resurrection — the resurrection to life or to condemnation (Jn5:29, 11:25-26).

As He died, He said, “It is finished” (Jn19:30), for
The author of faith made faith perfect (He12:2), declaring that He:
1) Believed in the promised resurrection and laid down His life according to the command (Ps27:13; Jn10:17-18);
2) Judged the devil who sowed the seed of doubt (Ge3:4-6; Lk13:39); and
3) The Word in the beginning, God the Creator of faith, who came in the flesh,
• Died — resurrected — on the throne (the substance) — the redemption of mankind
• Blood — seed — in the believers — the salvation of their souls — eternal life (substance)

His resurrection is the proof to believe in Him (Ac17:31).
The Lamb who was slain still has in His body scars, the substance and the evidence of faith.
The Holy Spirit came to believers in the name Yeshua and
The Christian is he who believes that:
1) Yeshua Christ lives and that He is coming back;
2) By His word Christ will judge the living and the dead (Jn12:48; 2Ti4:1);
3) In the name Yeshua uses the right of the children of God (Jn1:12) by:
• The signs accompanying believers, driving out demons and healing (Mk16:17-20)
• Always praying and not giving up (Lk18:1-8);
4) Following the ancients of faith enduring hardships due to faith (He11:36-40),
Until arriving in the Father’s house prepared for the believers.

O Lord,
Let me surrender my self-confidence, the faith in money, job, family, myself…and
Trade it with the faith from the beginning, the faith of the Creator of faith!
Give me and my family the gift of faith (1Co12:9)!
Let us all begin with simple obedience and arrive in greater faith…
Until the substance of what we hope for — eternal life in the Father’s house! Amen.