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Seeing the Face of God
(Nu 6:25-26; Jn 4:20-26)

God is the God of revelation.
He reveals Himself in His time and in His ways.
He shows His face to those who are waiting for Him (He 9:28).

Faith is considering the meeting with God as the greatest honor and longing for it (Ps 42:2) and
The life of this faith is, in order to go to heaven after death and live with God seeing His face
(Ps 17:15; Rev 22:4), offering one’s body as a living sacrifice to God while alive (Rom 12:1).

The history of the Bible is the dispensation decided in eternity for the meeting with God.
All things were created for Him (Jn 1:3):
The objects, the circumstances and the place for meeting with Him.
As such, one cannot meet with God through religions that originate from humans.

OT — to bow down (shachac) — to serve (abad)
NT — to see the face of God (proskuneuo) — to serve (latreuo)

After Adam sinned, he was banished from the Garden, which became shielded by a flaming sword
For the consequence of sin is being hidden from God’s face (Ge 4:14; Job 34:29; Ps 10:11).

Nevertheless, in stages God began to reveal Himself.
To Abraham and Jacob He revealed Himself as an angel (Ge 18:1-22, 19:1; Hos 12:3-4).
Though Moses saw not the face of Jehovah but only His back,
His face became radiant and people were afraid to look at his face (Ex 33:23, 34:35).
While in the Most Holy Place was the atonement cover where Jehovah promised to meet (Ex 25:22)
It only had images of angels (Ex 25:20).
Still, should even the high priest enter there without the blood of the atoning sacrifice (Lev 16:2) or
Enter whenever he chooses, he was to die (Ex 34:20).

Israel fell under curse for they abandoned God,
Turning their faces away from His dwelling place and turning their backs on Him (2Ch 29:6)
So even when they cried out in their misery, God hid His face (Jer 33:5).

Yet it was prophesied that God would wait in His place (Hos 5:15)
Until they turn from their ways and seek His face so they be saved (2Ch 7:14; 2Ch 30:9; Ps 80:3).

Appearing before this temple,
Yeshua said, “Destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days,”
Because through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body (Jn 2:19-21),
Not in Jehovah name but in the Father’s name Yeshua (Jn 5:43),
Not to the chosen people of Israel but to all those who long to worship in truth
God would show His face (Jn 4:20-26, 14:9).


As He died, the temple veil tore (Lk 23:45), for the shroud of God’s face was torn (Is 25:7-8), and

He said, “It is finished” (Jn 19:30), declaring that He:
Died according to the command and the Father saw the lovely face of the Son (Jn 10:18;
SS 2:14), and let the Son see His face with joy (Job 33:26);
Judged the separator the devil (Ge 2:17, 3:4-6); and
Sprinkled the redeeming blood and made His face shine on the faces of faith (Nu 6:25-26).

After He rose, Yeshua was taken up to heaven before the eyes of the disciples (Mt 28:19; Ac1:9).
On the day of Pentecost, the promised Holy Spirit came
To their gathering which was the birth of the church (Ac 2:1-4).
For worship is seeing the face of the living Yeshua Christ, the face of God
No one can take away their joy (Jn 16:19-22).

The spiritual worship that God is pleased to receive is (Rom 12:1):
1) In spirit — by spiritual qualification — no difference in flesh (tribes, status, gender, age etc);
2) In truth — the regulations — according to the instructions (Ge 22:2; Mt 28:16):

    1. Place — the church where the name Yeshua and the works He did in His name are praised (Mt 18:20; He 2:12);
    2. Time — the Lord’s Day, the first day after the Sabbath (Ac 20:7; Rev 1:10); and
    3. Sacrifice — my body — my time, talent, treasures (Rom 12:1).

On the Lord’s Day, the Christian, as a member of the body of Christ the Church
Puts effort to do his part (Rom 12:4-8),
Looks after other members, his brothers, in peace (Rom 12:9-20; Eph 4:12; 1Pe 4:10), and
Does good work (3Jn 1:11) for
He longs to go to heaven and eternally serve the Lord seeing His face (Rev 22:3).


O Lord,
This lowly life…
This audacious hope of seeing the face of God!
Like Abraham who gave his only son and succeeded in worship,
Let me give my body as a total living sacrifice and succeed in worship.
Lord, let Your face shine on us…and that will be enough for us! Amen.