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The Blessing of Yeshua
(Mt5:3; 1Pe3:9)

God is the fount of blessing (1Ti6:15).
Blessings come from Him and
He gives blessing as inheritance (1Pe3:9) to those who make Him as their blessing (Ps144:15).

Faith is loving the blessing of Yeshua and
The life of this faith is emptying oneself and becoming an evangelist of blessing in order to
receive blessing as inheritance.

Blessing and happiness refer to the same idea of
Being in a state of contentment.
While such experience is subjective and relative and thus cannot be quantified.
In general people envy the happiness of those with wealth, health, beauty, fame, family etc.

Nevertheless the Bible testifies the perfect blessedness of God for
He is the blessed and only Ruler, the King of kings and the Lord of lords who alone is
Immortal and lives in unapproachable light (1Ti6:15-16).

Solomon lamented the vanity of humans who endlessly search for happiness (Ecc1:1-2, 2:1, 11) and
That is because of their ancestor Adam was deceived by the devil and sinned (Ge3:4-6), and
All men became destined to toil all their lives,
Only to follow the devil to hell in afterlife (Ge3:16-19; Mt25:41).

God made Abraham a blessing for he followed the instructions and left his country (Ge12:1-2).
His offsprings, Isaac and Jacob became wealthy (Ge26:12, 32:10) and
As such, Israel became a people who yearn for blessing (Ge32:22-28).
Leaving their slavery of having no possession for 400 years
They took possession of the treasures of Egypt (Ex12:35-36).

God had them live 40 years in the wilderness where treasures were useless so that
They may receive the ability to produce wealth (Dt8:12-18).
The Law was given to them to obey to receive blessings
But because they disobeyed and served other gods, they became cursed (Dt28).

However, the temple where the name of blessing, Jehovah was
Remained as their hope to become God’s blessed people again
So they longed to draw near the temple (Ps73:28, 84:4).

But Yeshua said, “Destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days,” because
Through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body (Jn2:19-21),
He would end material blessing in the name Jehovah only for Israel and
Give spiritual blessing to the souls of all nations in the Father’s name Yeshua (Jn5:43; Eph1:3).
Even though His appearance might have caused men to stumble (Is53:2; Mt11:6),
He is the Word who blessed since the beginning (Ge1:22, 28; Jn1:1-3),
He is before Abraham was born, Melchizedek who blessed him (Ge14:18-20; Jn8:56-58; He7:1-3).

He came to give the kingdom of heaven to the poor in spirit (Mt5:3),
Those who have no righteousness, nothing of their own.

Blessing those who cursed Him as He died (Lk23:34), He said, “It is finished” (Jn19:30), declaring that He:
1) Became nothing and emptied His last breath to eternally possess the Father’s blessing (Jn10:18; Php2:6-11);
2) Condemned the devil who never knew satisfaction (Is14:12-15; Eze28:12-17); and
3) Sprinkled His blood on all men and commanded blessing for them (Ps133:3, 134:3).

He resurrected, received all authorities (Mt28:18).
He sat on the throne in the kingdom of happiness in heaven, the blessed and only Ruler (1Ti6:15).
The Holy Spirit whom He sent
Lets believers know that they are blessed and thus be content with the blessing of Yeshua.

The blessed in the spirit is he who
Has no righteousness of his own, thus only the blood of Yeshua his righteousness (Rm4:6-8), and
Emptied his dreams, desires, possessions etc, thus only the name Yeshua is his power to possess.
Therefore he longs for worship, the peak of his happiness (Ac2:42-47),
Perseveres under trial (Jas1:12),
Rejoices when persecuted because of Yeshua (Mt5:10-12) and
Keeps the words of the prophecy (Rev22:7) and
Scatters to preach the good news of happiness (Mt10:12-13; 1Pe3:9) for
He longs for the happiest day when he is called up
To the wedding banquet of the Lamb (Rev19:9; 20:6).

O Lord,
There is a part in all of us that cannot be satisfied by worldly, material things…
The true me, the spirit!
Only Yeshua can satisfy us and we are more than blessed!
Until our last breath we will be evangelists of happiness.
We love You, Lord Yeshua! Amen.