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The God of All Authority
(Is40:26; Jude1:25)

God is the Head of all authority (Col2:10).
 All authorities are decided by Him and come from Him (Rm13:1) and
 To become the Head of all authorities forever He created all things (Rm8:38-39).
 With His authority He reigns forever (Da4:34).
 Faith is kneeling before the authority of God (2Ch20:6) and
 The life of this faith is using the authority of the children of God (Jn1:12) and living stately like a ruler (Pr30:29-31).
 While in monarchy kings have the power to give or take away, the power to command,
 The power to appoint, and the power to pardon,
 The president elected by the majority of the people in democracy also has such great power.
 The Bible demonstrates that God is the Head of all authority.
 By His word He brought out the starry host one by one, calling forth each of them by name (Is40:26),
 The rebellion of the archangel Lucifer in heaven (Eze28:12-17),
 Satan thrown into the darkness (2Pe2:4), becoming the ruler of Hades (Is14:12-15; Jude1:6) were
 All part of God’s dispensation of being the Head of all authority forevermore.
 Deceived by Satan, Adam the ancestor of all men sinned (Ge3:4-6) and
 No soul among them could be saved from the power of the grave (Ps89:48; Pr29:2; Ecc4:1).
 The slavery of Israel for 430 years visualized this.
 At the age of 80, Moses who was sent by God carried only a staff and
 He defeated the proud power of Egypt, the most powerful nation then, and delivered Israel (Eze30:6).
 For 40 years they survived in the wilderness for they ate the bread of angels (Ps78:25) and
 The vase containing manna and the name Jehovah were in
 The ark inside the sanctuary to remind Israel for generations that
 The power and might were in Jehovah’s hand and no one could withstand Him (2Ch20:6).
 In the meanwhile, the prophets spoke of the appearance of
 The One who would deliver the people from the power of the grave, that is,
 The living God, the One who possesses eternal power (Da6:26; Hos13:14).
 Yeshua said, “Destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days,” because
 Through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body (Jn2:19-21),
 He would give in not the name Jehovah but the Father’s name Yeshua (Jn5:43)
 Not the bread brought by angels for the flesh to eat
 But His flesh as the bread of the Ruler for souls to eat for God came as man (Jn6:51).
 He defeated the temptation of the devil, the prince of the world who
 With the authority of all the kingdoms of the world tempted Him (Lk4:5-8).
 He commanded unclean spirits and they obeyed (Mk1:27),
 The wind and the waves and they obeyed (Mk4:39-41), and Peter and he walked on water (Mt14:28).
 He also gave the disciples the authority to drive out demons (Mk3:15), and
 All of that was for them know that the Son of Man has
 The authority to forgive sins (Mt9:6) and the authority to throw souls into hell (Lk12:4-5).
 Before Pilot the ruler who could let Him live or die, He stately allowed crucifixion (Jn19:10).
 As Yeshua died, He said, “It is finished” (Jn19:30), declaring that He:
 1) Willingly laid down His life for He had the authority to lay it down and to take it up again
(Jn10:17-18) — the Father who gave the command to the Son and brought Him to submission became the 2) Head of all authorities (1Co15:24; Jude1:25);
 3) Through His death as the Son of Man used the authority to judge the ruler of death, the devil (Jn5:27; He2:14); and
 Set all men free (He2:15).
 In the beginning — the Word — the God of all authority — became flesh (Jn1:1, 14):
 Used the authority to die and to live again — glory to the Father — judged the devil;
 His blood — to those who believe — the right to become children of God — Yeshua name (Jn1:12)
 He resurrected and secured all authority in heaven and on earth (Mt28:18),
 Sat at the right hand of God, becoming the Head of all authority forevermore (Col2:10).
 The Holy Spirit whom He sent comes with authority (Mk9:1) and
 Builds the Church which the gates of Hades cannot prevail (Mt16:18-19).
 The Christian is he who knows the right of the children of God:
 The right to claim/ pray (Jn14:14), the right to drive out demons and heal (Mk16:17), the right to pardon/ forgive (Jn20:23);
 Speaks the truth as his own for he has authority in his words (Mk1:22); and
 Lives stately like a ruler who eats at the table of the King of kings, the Ruler (Rev3:20).
 O Lord,
 Like the enemy’s son, a lame, lowly man Mephibosheth (2Sa9:1-11),
 You have made a dead dog like me, the greatest ruler!
 Even if poor, let me not be servile.
 Even before death, let me not beg for life.
 Rather, let me be bold and live stately and fade away stately! Amen.