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The God of Truth

God is the God of truth (Ps31:5).
He gives birth through the word of truth (Jas1:18) and
He guides by the truth those who know the truth and
Brings them to His holy mountain, heaven (Ps43:3).

Faith is knowing the truth (Jn8:32; 1Ti2:4) and
The life of this faith is, until one is well spoken of by everyone, even by the truth itself (3Jn1:12),
obeying the truth (Ps86:11; 1Pe1:22).

While science explores unchanging laws, natural truths
Religion says all religions are true.
The Bible, however, says that
God, the word of God, Yeshua, the word of Yeshua, and the Holy Spirit are the truth.
Furthermore, it says that those who know the truth will be set free
From death the price of sin, from sickness, from the natural law.

The Law of Moses is the truth that came to Israel through Moses (Ps119:142, 151) and
It promised that if they kept it, they would be the people of Jehovah (Ex19:6).
But they eventually became cut off from God and disasters came to them (Da9:13) for
No one sought the truth and no one called for justice (Jer5:1; Is59:4).

According to the prophecy,
He whose mouth had true instruction, who would turn many from sin (Mal2:6) appeared: Yeshua.
He said, “Destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days,” because
Through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body (Jn2:19-21),
He would tear down the Law given in the name Jehovah and
Let the truth be known in the Father’s name Yeshua (Jn1:17, 14:6) for
The Law is not the truth but rather a copy, an illustration or a shadow until the new order (He9:9-10).
On the mount where Yeshua transfigured,
God said to listen to not the word of Moses or Elijah but only the word of the Son (Mt17:1-5) for
His word is the truth that whoever has the ears to hear will hear (Mk4:9).

As He died, He said, “It is finished” (Jn19:30), for
The Law was fulfilled and the Law was reformed into the truth (Mt5:17) as He:
1) Laid down His life knowing that He would receive it back (Jn10:18);
2) Judged the devil the origin of sin (1Jn3:8); and
3) Sprinkled His redeeming blood to be received by souls.

In the beginning — the Word — the God of truth — became flesh:
• Died — set free from the law of sin and death — all men (Rm8:2);
• His blood — the truth — sets free from sin and death — those who know (Jn6:53, 14:6; Eph4:21; 2Co11:10).

He resurrected and ascended to heaven, for truth sprang out of the earth (Ps85:11).
The Spirit of truth whom He sent came to believers and the church, and
Lets them build the church which has its foundation on a rock (1Co3:10-11),
The pillar and the foundation of the truth (1Ti3:15), that is,
Upon the immutable truth, “Yeshua = the God who came as man” (Mt16:16-18),
With those who know the truth as pillars, the house of the living God is built.

A true church insists on the sole innocence of Yeshua (Mt27:4; Jn1:1, 14; 1Ti2:5), and:
1) Circumcision —> the circumcision done by Christ (Col2:11), baptism in the name of Yeshua
by immersion (Mt3:16, 28:19; Ac2:38, 8:38, 19:5);
2) Sabbath —> the Lord’s Day (Rev1:8); and
3) No restriction on food (1Ti4:3; 1Co10:23-31).

He who knows the truth (Jn8:33) willingly keeps the law of freedom, Christ’s law (1Co9:21; Jas2:13):
1) Does not distort the truth — rather keeps, defends and teaches the truth (Ac20:3; 2Co4:2, 13:8; 2Ti2:15);
2) Delivers the word of the truth (Rm2:20; 2Ti2:25); and
3) Endures to the end and becomes a pillar of the church of the truth (1Ti3:15; Rev3:10-12),
For on the day the Groom Yeshua returns,
He longs to be taken up to the banquet in the air
As a member of the beautiful bride of Christ (Rev21:2).

O Lord,
As the Church of Jesus celebrates her 37th Anniversary today,
Let us all know this mystery about the Church (Eph5:32) and
Let us all become pillars of the truth! Amen.