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The Holy God (Ps99:3; He12:14)

God is holy (Eze39:7).
His essence is holy, His name, His Word, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are holy.
He is in a holy dwelling (Ps68:5) and
He lets those who are holy see Him and dwell with Him (He12:14).

Faith is believing the Holy One of God (Jn6:69) and that one has been made holy (Lev22:32) and
Faith life is, to live in the holy place seeing the Holy One, becoming holy while one lives in the world.

Holiness (qadosh):
1) Qualitatively — clean, flawless;
2) Functionally — separated, set apart, distinguished — the holy and the common, the clean
and the unclean (Lev10:10).

Deceived by the devil, Adam took the forbidden fruit and sinned.
As a result, he was cast out of the Garden of Eden that became a restricted area
Guarded by a flaming sword (Ge3:4-6, 24), while all men became hell-bound with the devil (Mt25:41).

The commandments received by Israel who became a holy people after the exodus
Commanded them, “be holy because I am holy” (Lev11:45):
1) Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy (Ex20:8, 11);
2) Consecrate every firstborn male (human or animal), to be set apart for God (Ex13:2; Nu3:13);
3) The holy place (the mountain, the tent) was restricted (Ex19:23, 28:43);
4) The priests — their garments were sprinkled with blood and the anointing oil to be
consecrated (Ex29:1, 21; Eze42:14);
5) The sacrifice — slaughtered at a designated place and only the priests could eat it in the
holy place (Lev6:25, 7:1);
6) Every tithe of the herd and the flock — belonged to the LORD (Lev27:32);
7) The separation of their flesh and blood — forbidden to marry gentiles (Dt7:3; 1Sa15:3).
They were to not mate different kinds of animals, not plant their field with two kinds of seed,
Not wear clothing woven of two kinds of material (Lev19:19).

As such, the Law reminded them that God is holy and
Breaking any one of them would not let them escape death.
Despite that however, the priests and the people disregarded the word of the Holy One (2Ch36:14),
Becoming more unfaithful they defiled the Temple, which brought on their destruction (Is63:18).

Yeshua said, “Destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days,” because
Through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body (Jn2:19-21; Zec2:13),
Not the commandments given in the name Jehovah to Israel but
The commandment given in the Father’s name Yeshua will be kept by the Son (Jn5:43, 10:18) and
The souls of all nations will become His kingdom and people (Zec2:11).
Except for the unclean spirits, no one recognized Him as the Holy One of God (Mk1:23-24).

As He died, the veil in the Temple of Jerusalem tore (Lk23:45),
Tearing down the Law that distinguished the holy and the common (Eze42:20), and
He said, “It is finished” (Jn19:30), declaring that He:
1) Kept the Father’s word and made Himself holy (Jn10:18, 17:19);
2) Judged the unclean satan, the devil (Is14:12-15; 1Jn3:8); and
3) Sprinkled the redeeming blood on souls so they may be made holy (Eph1:7; He13:12).

His resurrection testifies His holiness (Ac2:27; He7:26), and
He became the eternal High Priest seated on the throne (He7:21) and
Receives the praises of “holy, holy, holy” (Rev4:8).

The Holy Spirit came to believers whose souls were made holy by the blood of Yeshua and
Helps them become sanctified (2Th2:13; He10:14).

The Christian turns away from wickedness, sexual immorality, passionate lust (2Ti2:19; 1Th4:3-8),
Keeps himself from being polluted by the world (Jas1:27),
Not following the ways of the world (Eph2:2-3), and not loving the world (1Jn2:15), and
Sets himself apart by not associating with unbelievers (2Co6:14-18).
He gathers into the holy dwelling, the church, as the Day approaches (He10:25), and
Becomes a holy priesthood giving his own body as a holy living sacrifice (Rm12:1, 15:16), and
A priest of the gospel who gives the offering of souls (Rm15:16).

O Lord,
Holiness, the preeminent attribute of God!
Let us understand what holiness means and
Though we are in the world, let us not be yoked with the worldly in thoughts and words.
Let us be set apart from the world and
When the Lord comes back, let us enter the holy dwelling forever. Amen.