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The Self-Existent God
(Ex3:14-15; Jn8:56-58)

The Self-Existent God (Ex3:14-15; Jn8:56-58) God is self-existent (Ex3:14).
He is the only uncreated One, and makes His own will and does accordingly.
He honors those who honor His name (I AM) (1Sa2:30; Mal3:16-17).

Faith is believing in the existence of God and surrendering to live on one’s own.
The life of this faith is making God one’s strength (Ps52:7) and being conscious of Him
every moment and living by His word.

While people like words such as “freedom,” “independence,” “autonomy,” and even “selfie,”
Such concepts are unbiblical and even satanic for
All things are by God, through God and for God (Col1:16; He2:10) and
He alone is truly self-existent, self-sustaining, self-sufficient, independent and free (Ps50:9-14).

The (non-) existence of God has been a long-standing debate in philosophy.
Rene Descartes concluded that, “I doubt, therefore I think, therefore I am,” that the mind is the self.
He argued for dualism: humans are body (material) and mind (immaterial).

The Bible divides the organization of man into body and spirit (Rm8:5).
Adam is the living being, the spiritual being with flesh (Ge2:7):
The flesh — a material being — from dust — eats food from the ground;
The spirit — a spiritual being — from God — eats the word (Jn6:63); and
The soul — mind, consciousness — a function developed with the flesh — not a being.

For sin is a creature attempting to live on its own,
When Satan left his position in heaven on his own, wanting to be like God
He was contained in Hades until judgement (Is14:12-15; Jude1:6).
Deceived by him, Adam took the forbidden fruit and
All men became hell-bound with the devil (Mt25:41).

In the Old Testament, the LORD God (Jehovah) showed His existence through the angels:
To Abraham (Ge18:1, 22, 19:2), Jacob (Ge32:28-30; Hos12:3-4) and Moses (Ex3:14-15).
The exodus of Israel and 40 years in the wilderness where no human can live on his own, were
Possible entirely by I AM who sent manna from heaven, sprang up water from the rock so they lived.
The sanctuary reminded them this for generations, that God was among them (Ex16:3; Dt7:21).

The commandments said to not reap what grows of itself (Lev25:11),
To not eat anything they find already dead (Dt14:21) etc,
Warning the danger of “of itself” (Pr14:16, 18:1, 25:6, 26:12; Ps36:2).

Yeshua said, “Destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days,” because
Through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body (Jn2:19-21),
Not in the name Jehovah but in the Father’s name Yeshua (Jn5:43),
Not through the angel but through the Son, He would show the existence of God (Jn14:9) for
He is the very nature God, the exact representation of God’s being (Php2:6; He1:3), and
Before Abraham was born He is (Jn8:58), before John the Baptist He was (Jn1:15).

Though He is the Word from the beginning, I AM who became flesh (Jn1:1, 14),
Coming in the very nature of a servant, He did nothing on His own (Jn5:30, 8:28).

As He died, He said, “It is finished” (Jn19:30), declaring that He:
1) Surrendered His life willingly, eating up the Father’s word, the food for the spirit that leads to
eternal life (Mt4:4; Jn4:34, 10:18, 12:50);
2) Judged Satan the origin of sin (1Jn3:8); and
3) Let souls eat His flesh and drink His blood (Jn6:56).

The Father raised Him back to life (Ac2:32) and
His resurrected body with flesh and bones proved the existence of God (Lk24:39-43; Jn20:27).
The Lamb on the heavenly throne shows the God who lives forever (Rev1:8, 18).

The Spirit of God comes to those who confess that
On their own they cannot be righteous, cleansed or saved (Mt5:3), and
He gathers them into the body of Christ the church (Eph1:23) and
Lets them see the face of the living God there (Mt18:20; Jn4:23-24).

The Christian is he who surrenders himself and
Lives only by trusting the word (Lk5:5) and by prayer (1Sa12:23), and
Becomes a witness of the living Yeshua in spite of persecutions (Ac4:13, 17:29-31) for
He longs to receive a better resurrection, a spiritual body (1Co15:42-44; He11:35) and
See the Lord as He is (1Jn3:2).

O Lord, On my own I cannot become righteous, holy or clean…
On my own I cannot live!
Let me not sin by failing to pray.
Let me live by eating the Word and clinging to the Church, the gathering.
When You return in Your glorious body, let me in a spiritual body go before You! Amen.