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Sun, Jun 05, 2011

My Words are Spirit and Life

My Words are Spirit and Life 
(Jn 6:63) 

God is the origin of spirit(He 12:9). 
He makes spirits and gives birth to spirits(He 1:5, He 1:14), and 
He gives life to the spirit. 

Faith is knowing that one is a spiritual being that lives by Him and 
The life of this faith is, just as He put effort to give life to the soul, putting effort to give life to one’s own soul. 

Man is made of two beings, flesh and spirit. 
While the flesh made of dust eats food from dust and finally returns to dust(Ge 3:19), 
The spirit made by the breath of God eats food from heaven and must return to heaven. 

Deceived by the serpent, however, 
Adam ate the forbidden food and 
Rejected the word of God, i.e., cut off the food that had to eat. 
Consequently, the spirit died(Ge 2:17). 

The word of God that gives life to the spirit came in two stages(He 8:7, He 10:9): 
First, the Law through Moses(Jn 1:17) and 
Second, the gospel through Jesus. 

The Law was the letter inscribed on the stone tablets(Ex 32:15-16). 
When the Israelites kept it, their flesh was considered righteous and clean, 
Thus, they were given long life and blessing(Rm 2:12; Dt 30:20). 
When they broke it, their flesh was considered unrighteous and unclean, 
Thus, they were cursed or put to death(Lev 18:24-25). 
Nevertheless, this was all regarding the flesh because 
The spirit was already dead since Adam(Rm 5:12; He 9:10). 

The tablets inside the Ark of the sanctuary reminded them of 
These words of God that either blessed or cursed the flesh. 

Jesus said, “Destroy the temple and I will raise it in three days”(Jn 2:19), because 
Through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body, 
He would give life to all souls for 
He is the Word, the Spirit that became flesh(Jn 1:1, Jn 1:14), and 
His words are spirit and life(Jn 6:63). 

Demons heard His words and submitted(Mk 1:26), 
The dead Lazarus heard them and came out of the tomb(Jn 11:44), and 
The paralytic heard them and picked up his mat and walked(Mt 9:7), 
For they are the words that shock the spirit. 

As He died, He said, “It is finished”(Jn 19:30), declaring that He: 
1. Died according to the will of the Father, eating His food(Jn 4:34, Jn 10:18); 
2. Judged the devil, the origin of sin(1Jn 3:8); and 
3. Tore His flesh and poured out His blood, giving true drink and true food for souls to eat and live(Jn 6:55-58). 
Jesus resurrected and ascended to the heavenly throne. 

The gospel is the life of Jesus and His words(Mk 1:1; Rm 1:17), and 
The ears that hear it are blessed(Mt 13:8-9). 
When one believes it, 
His spirit is called righteous, cleansed, given life and blessed(Rm 3:22; Jn 5:25, Jn 15:3; Mt 5:3) – 
All regarding the spirit. 
While the letter kills, the Spirit gives life(2Co 3:3-6). 

The Holy Spirit speaks to those with open ears(Rev2-3), and 
The man of the Spirit has 
The ears to discern and hear the words of Jesus and 
Ultimately, his tongue is loosed and he preaches the gospel(Mk 7:35). 

O Lord, 
Thank You for giving me the ears to discern and hear Your words! 
Let all You have given me 
Also hear these words that are not sound but spirit. 
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