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Thu, Jul 28, 2011

The Lord of Rest

The Lord of Sabbath 
(Mk 2:23-28) 

God is the Lord of rest. 
Rest comes from Him(Is 14:3) and 
He lets those who obey Him enter His rest(He 3:18). 

Faith is believing Him and longing for Him, and 
The life of this faith is obeying the word in order to enter the eternal rest(He 4:11). 

While people seek rest by 
Going on vacations and acquiring big houses, 
No rest is better than sleep. 
Since insomnia is the worst torture, some even choose suicide as a way out of it. 
Its result, however, is hell where 
There is no rest forever because of fire and burning sulfur(Rev 14:10-11). 

After God finished His work of creation(Ge 2:2-3), 
He blessed the seventh day, made it holy and entered rest – this is the model of rest. 

Deceived by the serpent, 
Adam disobeyed the word of God and was subsequently banished from the Garden. 
Thereafter, all men lost rest and had to suffer from life’s hardship(Ge 3:4-6, Ge 3:16-19, Ge 3:24). 

This was actualized in details through 
The slavery of Israel in Egypt was 
The continuous toil where there was no way out but death. 

After God sent Moses and brought them out into the desert, 
He gave the Israelites the commandment of Sabbath to remember(Lev 19:30) that: 
1. God is the Creator(Ex 20:8-11); 
2. God delivered them from slavery(Dt 5:15); and 
3. God promised them the land in which they would find rest(Dt 12:10). 
As such, anyone breaking the Sabbath and defiling it was put to death(Nu 15:35). 
Furthermore, they were commanded to give reverence for 
The sanctuary and remember the Sabbath 
Though the priests were permitted to work inside it on Sabbath. 

When Jesus said, “Destroy the temple and I will raise it in three days”(Jn 2:19), and 
Healed and did things forbidden on the Sabbath(Mk 2:23-24, Mk 3:1-6; Jn 2:19), 
He angered the Jews who had become slaves of the Sabbath especially due to the Pharisaic law. 

However, through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body, 
Jesus would reveal that: 
1. He Himself is the Creator(Jn 1:2); 
2. All men are slaves of the devil(2Pe 2:19); and 
3. He would lead them to the Father’s house(Jn 14:2-3). 
As He died, Jesus said, “It is finished”(Jn 19:30), declaring that He: 
1. Obeyed the command and finished the toil of His flesh, commending His soul to the Father(Lk 23:46); 
2. Condemned the devil who confused the rest in heaven(Is 14:12-15; 1Jn 3:8); and 
3. Released all men who had been slaves of the devil(He 2:14-15). 
Jesus rose on the first day after Sabbath and 
Entered the eternal rest(Mk 28:1-6; Mk 16:19), and 
He is seated on the throne as the Lord of rest. 

The Holy Spirit comes to 
The souls sanctified by His blood and to the church and 
Lets them walk with the Lord towards the eternal rest. 

The people of the Spirit 
Find rest for their souls in worship, 
Gather their faith and obey(He 3:14-19, He 4:1-10), and 
Commit their burden to the Lord through repentance, prayer(Mt 11:28-30). 

O Lord, 
Let us never cease to pray and obey 
While we are on earth so that 
We can finally enter the Father’s house and rest there forever! Amen. 
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