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Sun, Oct 23, 2011

Precious Promises

God is worthy. 
He promises precious things, 
He vows with precious things, and 
He rewards with precious things to those with precious faith. 

Faith is loving Him and 
The life of this faith is eliminating unclean things in order to enter the place where only the worthy dwell. 

Deceived by the devil who 
Attempted to challenge the Most High and was cast down(Is 14:14; Ge 3:5), 
Adam was banished from the Garden of Eden which was surrounded by pure gold(Ge 3:23) and 
He could never return there for it became shielded with the flaming sword(Ge 3:24). 

God chose the Israelites and let them live in Egypt as slaves(Ge 15:13-16) and 
Only after 430 years brought them into the land He promised to Abraham(Ge 17:8) for 
It was foreshadow for the offspring of faith entering the heavenly Garden of Eden. 

All but Joshua and Caleb fell in the desert and died 
Without entering the Promised Land(Nu 14:30) for God abandons those without without faith. 

The first covenant, i.e., the Law(Ex 24:6; He 9:18): 
1. It was established with the blood of animals; and 
2. It promised them that if they obeyed it, they would enter and dwell in the Promised Land(Nu 30:20). 
Jesus said, “Destroy this temple and I will raise in three days, ” and angered the Jews(Mt 26:59-61) 
As it posed a great threat to their right to dwell in the land. 
Nevertheless, through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body(Jn 2:19), 
He would tear down the first covenant and raise a new. 

Through His suffering, He fulfilled 
The Law and the writing of the Prophets, i.e., the first covenant(Lk 24:25-27), and 
Through His resurrection, He entered His glory and 
Brought many sons into glory(He 2:10). 

With His own blood, He entered the true sanctuary(He 9:12, He 9:24) and 
His blood became the guarantee of the new covenant(Mt 26:28). 

Precious faith(2Pe 1:1-4, 2Pe 1:11) is 
Having the precious promise, i.e., the new covenant, that is 
Of entering a new heaven and a new earth, which was 
Vowed with the blood of Christ. 

In heaven is the New Jerusalem, 
A beautiful city, whose walls are made of every kind of precious stone(Rev 21:10, Rev18-27). 

There is no temple in the city and 
The city does not need the sun or the moon to shine on it for 
The glory of God and the Lamb is surrounded by precious stones and shines forever(Rev 21:22-23). 

For precious stones must be carved out to give light(1Pe 2:4, 1Pe 2:9), 
Those with the precious promise, i.e., those, who by the Spirit, see heaven(Rev 21:10) 
Struggle to carve out the impure, the shameful and the deceitful things from themselves(Rev 21:27). 
Therefore, they make every effort to add to their faith goodness, to goodness knowledge, 
To knowledge self-control, to self-control perseverance, to perseverance godliness, 
To godliness brotherly kindness, and to kindness love(2Pe 1:5-6). 
Finally, in crowns adorned with precious stones, they will enter the Holy City(Rev 21:24) 

O Lord, 
To this life that dwells in dust homes and finally returns to dust 
You gave a splendid home in heaven! 
Whatever the price we may pay, 
Let us all enter there. 
Holy Spirit, open our eyes to see heaven! Amen. 
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