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Sun, Nov 05, 2017

Serve the Lord Your God

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Serve the Lord Your God
(1Sa12:24; He9:11-14)

God is the Master.
With His blood His purchased souls and is their Owner and
He lets those who on earth faithfully serve Him as their Master dwell with Him and serve Him there (Ps101:6).

Faith is knowing the Master that I need to serve is God and
The life of this faith is best serving the Lord Christ (Col3:24).

God wants to be served by not angels or men or any creation
But the Son of God, the King of kings forever.
The position of the one served determines the status of the one who serves,
While the status of the one who serves determines the position of the one served.

Although Satan held the position of serving God,
Because he became proud he wanted to be served by other angels and so he
Left his proper position as an archangel (Eze28:12-17).
God contained him in Hades (the universe) until the great day of judgement (Is14:12-15; Jude1:6).

Deceived by Satan, the devil,
The ancestor of all men, Adam, sinned by wanting to be like God (Ge3:4-6) and
All men became his slaves bound for hell with him (Mt25:41).

Although the Israelites were delivered from their slavery of 430 years in Egypt and
Called a kingdom of priests (Ex19:6), a holy people and ministers of God (Dt7:6; Is61:6),
When they encountered the Red Sea, they cried to go back and serve the Egyptians (Ex14:11-13).

God gave them the commandment to not serve idols but only serve the Lord (Ex20:5, 23:24).
It also had the ordinance for the service to God (He9:1):
The sanctuary where they serve the Lord, Jehovah;
The offering of spotless, blameless and clean animals; and
The priesthood of the Levites and Aaron’s sons.

The Levites — in the tent of meeting — with various services for worship (Nu8:19, 24);
Aaron’s sons — inside the (first) curtain — the service of priesthood as a gift (Nu18:7; He9:6).
Anyone else giving sacrifice on his own was to be put to death, as Korah and his sons (Nu16:31-35).

After Joshua conquered Canaan,
He commanded the children of Israel born in the wilderness
To choose for themselves whom they will serve and that
They ought to serve the Lord only (Jos24:15).

The destruction of Israel came, however, since they abandoned the Lord and
Delighted in serving other gods, angels who were made to serve (1Sa8:8; Ac7:42).
Furthermore, the priests showed contempt for sacrifices (Mal1:6-14; 2:1-3).

According to the prophecy, the day when it will be the same
For priests as for the people, for the master as for the servants (Is24:2) came and
Yeshua appeared and said, “Destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days” (Jn2:19).
He angered the priests but through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body,
He would in not the name Jehovah but the name Yeshua the Father’s name (Jn5:43),
With not a copy or a shadow but the true image (He8:5, 9:9),
Through not the Levite priest who has the weakness of sin and death (He7:23) but
The Son the perfect eternal High Priest serve the Father (He7:28).

As He died, He said, “It is finished” (Jn19:30), declaring that He:
1) Gave His life and best served the Father (Mt20:28; Jn10:17-18; He9:11-14);
2) Judged the devil who left his proper position of serving (Ge3:4-6; Jude1:6); and
3) Gave His life as a ransom for all men (Mt20:28).

He resurrected and ascended to heaven and sat on the heavenly throne as the King of kings.
As the High Priest He serves the Father eternally (He9:23-25; Php2:9-11).

The Holy Spirit comes as the High Priest to
The souls of believers now God’s temple (1Co3:16) and
Makes them ministers of the Lord Christ (Php3:3).

The Christian is he who
Voluntarily serves God, the Lord Christ (Col3:24; He9:14; 1Pe2:5),
Serves the church (Eph4:12), its members (Rm12:10-11; He13:16) and
The Lord’s servants as one serves the Lord (1Co16:15; 2Co8:4; Gal6:6; Eph6:7).
On earth he serves humbly and faithfully according to the gift he received (1Pe4:10) for
He longs to eternally serve the Lord Christ in His dwelling place (Mt20:26).

O Lord,
Who am I that You give me this chance to serve the King of kings, Lord of lords!
For my many sins have been forgiven (Lk7:36-50)
Let me serve You in tears and in honor.
Let us all make history as those who to death serve the Church of Jesus! Amen.
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