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Sun, Jan 28, 2018

I Was Made

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I Was Made
(Ge1:1, 26-28; He1:3)

God is the Maker.
By His will He created all things (Rev4:11) and
For Himself He created all things (Pr16:4).

Faith is knowing that one is created and kneeling before Him (Ps95:6) and
The life of this faith is surrendering to live on one’s own and living according to the will of Him who made him.

Concerning the beginning of life are:
The atheistic evolutionists argue that life appeared spontaneously on its own, and
From a common bacterial ancestor everything alive today evolved;
The theistic evolutionists argue that God created bacterial life and
Guided over it to evolve into all forms of life we have today;
The progressive creationists say that God created new forms of life gradually
Over a long period of time, which is a middle ground between literal creationism and evolution.

The creationists, however, believe according to what is written in the Bible:
God spoke His word and all things came to be accordingly (Ge1:5, 7, 9. 12; Rm1:19-20).

The purpose of God’s creation of both the visible and the invisible worlds was
To make His Son the heir of all things (He1:2; Col1:16).
When the archangel attempted to be like God in the spiritual heaven (Is14:12-15; Eze28:12-17)
God contained him until the great day of judgement in Hades (2Pe2:4; Jude1:6), also called
“The first heaven and earth,” that is, the universe (Ge1:1; Rev21:1).
This was to use the wicked on the day of disaster accordingly (Pr16:4; Is45:7).

After the exodus, God led the Israelites, His holy people, through the wilderness
To test them and show that they cannot live on their own (Dt8:15-16).
Likewise, the commandment regarding the sabbath was for them
To remember that God is the Maker (Ex20:8-11).

While the sanctuary where the name Jehovah and the stone tablets were (1Ki8:9, 16)
Reminded them that they were created,
For they were foolish and unwise, they often forgot and were thus cursed (Dt32:6; Ps28:5).

According to the prophecy that God would create new heavens and a new earth (Is65:17-18),
Create a new thing on earth, a woman encompassing a man (Jer31:22) and
That people will look to their Maker (Is17:7),
The Word who was with God, who did the work of creation (Jn1:1-3)
Came as man, the one and only Son, Yeshua (Jn1:14).

He said, “Destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days” (Jn2:19), because
Through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body,
He would raise a new temple that is not made with hands (Mk14:58),
That is not part of this creation (He9:11).

In the hands of the Jews who were steeped in creationism
Yeshua was put to death but as He died, He said, “It is finished” (Jn19:30), declaring that He:
1) By dying according to the Father’s command, fulfilled the principle of creation coming to
the created world like a creation (Jn10:18; Php2:6-8);
2) With His death judged the origin of sin, the devil, who had forgotten that he was made
(Ge3:4-6; Pr16:4; Eze28:12-17; He2:14; 1Jn3:8); and
3) With the redeeming blood that is not part of this creation made souls a new creation (Is65:1-18).

He resurrected and sat on the heavenly throne as the Lamb.

The Holy Spirit whom He sent
Lets the souls born again in the blood of Yeshua live as new creation (2Co5:17),
Looking forward to a new heaven and a new earth.

Therefore, the Christian surrenders to live on his own and
Willingly chooses to live according to the Word of Yeshua.
He lives attached to the church, the body whose head is the name Yeshua,
Gathering on the Lord’s Day to worship Him,
Never to leave it on his own (Jn15:5; Jude1:6).
Furthermore, he daily kneels before the name Yeshua and prays (Ps95:6; Jn14:13)
As to not commit the satanic sin.

When the earthly tent is destroyed
He longs to be clothed with his heavenly dwelling, not built with human hands (2Co5:1-9).
When the Son of Man appears again in the created world,
He longs to be taken up to the new heaven and the new earth.

O Lord,
Still rooted in us is the satanic nature of
Wanting to live on our own, doing whatever we want.
Let us never forget even for a day…
I was made! Amen.
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