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Sun, Sep 23, 2018

I Am Strong

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I Am Strong
(Is41:8-16; Rm15:1)
God is the Redeemer (Ps19:41).
He strengthens the weak and redeems them from hands too strong for them (Jer31:11), and
Prolongs the life of the mighty by His power (Job24:22).
Faith is knowing one’s weakness and becoming strong through God (Ps39:4) and
The life of this faith is about breaking through whatever the adversity and bearing the failings of the weak (Eze34:4; Rm15:1).

Worms are annelids that have no bones, horns, teeth, eyes, ears, or lungs
But with their mouths dig a hole in the ground and swallow the dirt and excrete.

The Old Testament calls Israel a “worm” for
They are a weak people with a fixed territory and civilization with no weapons.

According to the providence that
Their ancestor Jacob received as the younger in his mother’s womb (Ge25:23) and
Wrestled an angel and received the name Israel (Ge32:28; Hos12:3-4),
They received the help of God and 400 years later they were delivered from their slavery
By the power and the mighty hand of God (Ex32:11).

Among the men who went to Canaan to spy the land
All those who saw the giants dwelling there and became afraid and
Those who heard them and complained (Nu13:28-32)
Fell in the desert and died (Nu14:39-40),
While only those who said, “they are bread for us,” lived and crossed the Jordan (Nu14:7-9. 30).

Joshua conquered the land of those strong on their chariots of iron (Jos17:18, 23:9),
While the young David, not having his heart fail because of man (Sa17:32-52)
Brought down the giant Goliath to death, and so becoming
A king of Israel greatly expanding the territory of Judea.
When he was attacked by the Ethiopians
King Asa cried out, “O Lord, let not man prevail against you” and
Destroyed their army of a million men (2Ch14:9-12).
So the Israelites became strong and bold because of Jehovah who was with them.
Thus, even when they had forgotten Him and were scattered among the nations (Neh1:8-10)
The temple where the name Jehovah the Redeemer of Israel remained as their hope.

Yeshua said, “Destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days,” because
Through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body (Jn2:19),
With His mighty hands and outstretched arms
He would redeem in not the name Jehovah but the Father’s name Yeshua (Jn5:43)
Not Israel but the souls of all nations from the hand of the devil (Mt12:29) for
The weakness of God is stronger than men (1Co1:25) and
By coming as the Son of Man He sympathizes with the weakness of men (He4:15, 5:2).
For even in His appearance He had no fighting spirit (Is53:2-3)
Thus disappointing the Jews who had longed for a mighty messiah and rejected Him.

As He stretched out His arms and died, He said, “It is finished” (Jn19:30), declaring that He:
1) Commended His weakest self into the Father’s mighty hands (Lk23:46);
2) With His authority to die judged the devil the ruler of death (Mt12:29; He2:14); and
3) Bore the weakness of all men (Rm5:6, 8:1-7).

The Father raised Him back to life and He resurrected.
Yeshua ascended to heaven, and sat on the throne as the strongest.

The Holy Spirit calls out from the world the weak (1Co1:27) and
Gives them the name Yeshua, a threshing sledge with new, sharp teeth (Is41:15).

The Christian is unarmed, nonresistant and
Appears weak like a worm having nothing attractive.
However, he is able to overcome poverty, tribulation, the sword, the unrighteous power,
Chains, prison and even severe punishment, and
Thus the world is not worthy of him (He11:33-38; Ac16:25-34).
Rather, he bears the failings of the weak (Rm15:1).

O Lord,
You called a weakling in the heart, the body and will like me.
Now make me a strong one of whom the world is not worthy.
Whatever the adversity or the affliction
In the name Yeshua the sharp teeth let us thresh and crush them!
Even if we lose everything
Let us have a strong faith. Amen.
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