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Sun, Mar 24, 2019

Be Transformed Into the Image of the Lord

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Be Transformed Into the Image of the Lord
(Rm12:1-2; 2Co3:18)

God is holy (Lev11:44).
He dwells in the holy place and
He only relates with those who have become holy (Mk1:24; Jn13:8).

Faith is knowing that one has been cleansed by Him and
The life of this faith is for the day when one must stand before the great white throne (Rev20:11)
being transformed continuously into the image of the Lord (2Co3:18).

Holiness refers to being clean and pure, and set apart, different.
For a man to enter the kingdom of God
It is necessary for him to go through the process of transformation
Like the butterfly does in metamorphosis.

This is because Adam sinned and his spirit changed (Ge3:4):
The living spirit had died (Rm5:12; 1Co15:22) and became
By nature children of wrath (Eph2:3), children of the devil (Jn8:44) and of disobedience.

The process of this change was materialized in the exodus of Israel.
Having put on the blood of the Passover lamb, the Israelites left Egypt
But they had to pass through the Red Sea and the wilderness before entering Canaan for
They needed to change, being humbled and tested (Dt8:2).

While as the pharaoh’s servants in Egypt they ate meat, leeks and garlic (Nu11:5),
As servants of God in the wilderness they ate manna and water from rock, for which
All those who grumbled and turned back to Egypt died in the wildness (Nu11:33).

In the tabernacle, it was only after pouring the blood of the sacrifice at the altar and
Washing their hands and feet at the water basin,
The priests could enter the tabernacle and not be killed (Ex30:17-21).
However, such washings were regulations for the body sanctifying only the body,
Not cleansing the changed spirit, thus only imposed until the time of reformation (He9:9-10).

Yeshua said, “Destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days” (Jn2:19), because
Through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body,
He would not in Jehovah’s name but in the Father’s name Yeshua (Jn5:39)
Wash with the water that cleanses the spirit (He9:14) for
He is the One who came by water and blood (1Jn5:6),
The Word in the beginning that became blood and water (Jn1:1, 14),
The Son of God who came according to the prophecy
To cleanse all men from all their uncleannesses (Eze36:25-27).

As He died, He said, “It is finished” (Jn19:30), declaring that He:
1) Died according to the command and committed His soul to the Father (Lk23:46; Jn10:17-18);
2) Condemned the origin of sin (1Jn3:8); and
3) By the blood and water that flowed from His body (Jn19:34) would sanctify the
spirit of all men once for all (He10:10-14).

His resurrection and ascension testified His holiness (He7:26).
From the throne of the Lamb flows the river of water of life bright as crystal (Rev22:1).

The Holy Spirit came in the name Yeshua
Helps those born again as children of God, born of water and the Spirit (Jn3:3-5)
To be transformed.

The two stages of transformation are:
1) Born-again — change of essence — one-time — by the blood of Yeshua;
2) Sanctification — change in the form — continuous — by the water (the word) of Yeshua.
His blood forgives the sins of the past (Mt26:26-28) and
His flesh, that is, the water, washes the sins of the present.

The Christian is he whose past sins were washed with the blood of Yeshua and
Washes his present sins with the word and
The stains, the wrinkles and the blemish all begin to shed (Eph5:26-27).
By the renewal of the Spirit (Tit3:5), he passes through the church life for
On the day of the Lord’s return
He longs to have his lowly body be transformed like His glorious body (Php3:20-21).

O Lord,
Though the purpose of my life has been clearly changed,
My life is still carnal, still worldly…the way of sanctification seems still far off.
So once again this sinner weeps and weeps before the basin…
Like the caterpillar transforming into the butterfly through the stage of the chrysalis,
Let us all have the blessing to mourn (Mt5:4) and
All become sanctified! Amen.
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