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Sun, Feb 06, 2011

O My Soul!

O My Soul! 
(Ps 42:1-5) 

God is the Father of spirits(He 12:9). 
He gives birth to spirits(Jas 1:18), and 
He loves them, nurtures them and gives life to them. 

Faith is believing that with spirit one has become His child(Rm 8:16; Gal 4:6). 
The life of this faith is loving one’s own soul with the heart of the Father and 
Putting effort to give it life. 

For God loves souls 
He sent the Son, the Holy Spirit and even angels(Jn 3:16, Jn 14:16; He 1:14). 
Thus, He considers those who are uninterested in their own souls as 
Being hostile to Him(Rm 8:7). 

God made man from the dust of the ground and 
Breathed into him the breath of life, making him a living being(Ge 2:7). 
Accordingly, man is made of the flesh that eats green plant from the ground(Ge 1:30), and 
The soul that must eat the food that comes from heaven(Mt 4:4). 

By eating the forbidden fruit(Ge 2:17), however, 
Adam(living being) spat out the word and the living being died. 
Consequently, all men since Adam despise discipline, the word of God 
For they ignore their souls(Pr 15:32). 

The Law is a law that revives(converts) souls(Ps 19:7, Ps 23:3-4) 
In order to save them from the grace, death(Ps 30:3, Ps 33:19), 
While the prophet cried out for the Israelites to repent, i.e., change their orientation, 
To flee from the coming wrath(Mt 3:2-10). 

The sanctuary that they were commanded to build was 
The dwelling place of God where their souls were restored(1Ki 8:30; 2Ch 6:21). 
As such, they cherished it and yearned for it(Ps 42:1-5). 

Jesus said, “Destroy the temple and I will raise it in three days”(Jn 2:19-21), because 
Through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body, 
He was going to give life to souls of all men for 
He is the Word that became flesh(Jn 1:1, 14), 
The last Adam who came to die in place of the first Adam, 
Pay the price of his sin and rescue all men from death and Hades(Rm 5:12-14; 1Co 15:45). 

Jesus exposed the reality of souls of the dead, i.e., demons(Mk 1:25) and 
Uncovered the reality of eternal death, i.e., hell(Mk 9:45-49) 
For men to not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul(Mt 10:28). 

As He died, Jesus said, “It is finished”(Jn 19:30), declaring that He: 
1. Laid down His life and obeyed the command of the Father who could save Him from death(Jn 10:17-18; He 5:7); 
2. Condemned the devil, the origin of sin(Ge 3:4-6; 1Jn 3:8); and 
3. Tore His flesh and poured out His blood for souls to drink and eat(Jn 6:54). 
Jesus rose, ascended to heaven and sat on the throne and 
He is the Father of our souls(He 12:9). 

The Holy Spirit comes to 
Those born-again with the Spirit of Christ, the blood of Jesus(Rm 8:9), and 
Lets them know that they are souls loved by the Father in heaven. 

Faith is: 
1. Knowing how much the Father God loves my soul(Is 38:17), thus, cherishing and loving my soul like the blood of the Only Begotten Son; 
2. Dearly yearning for the dwelling place of the Lord(Ps 84:1-10), thus, yearning for His temple on earth, the church and worship(Ps 42:1-4); and 
3. For He gave life to souls even to the point of putting the Son to death(Jn 6:63) putting every effort to give life to one’s soul by fleeing the devil, demons and the false prophet who hunt souls(Ez 13:8), and abstaining from sinful desires which war against their souls(1Pe 2:11). 
Those moved by the Spirit(Rev 3:16) are 
Those who weep and weep 
Before the hardship, sickness, nakedness and starvation of their souls. 

O Lord, 
We have poured out all efforts and hearts to give life to the flesh but 
It is dying anyway. 
The greatest betrayer and opposition for my soul is my flesh! 
O my soul, do not be downcast. 
Be strengthened. 
Seek the face of the Lord. 
Live! Live! Live! Amen. 
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