Church of Jesus EM

Zoe Seminars in Europe

A total of 160 persons, consisting of pastors, laypersons, and church leaders, attended Zoe Seminars in Romania and Germany in February 2013. Dr. Jo Kim led the two-day, Zoe Seminars to expand our church’s efforts to preach and teach the Word to all nations. The teaching, “The Gospel: What We Need to Know, What We Need to Believe, and What We Need to Say,” was well received by the participants. Grace was poured out, hearts were moved, seeds were planted and the Good News was proclaimed.

Buzias, Romania (2/14 – 2/15, 2013)
This was the first Zoe Seminar offered in Romania, and it drew 100 participants consisting of pastors (80), their wives, and church workers. The seminar arranged by Pastor Muriuz, head of the Baptist Union, was especially important because of the fact that it was given by a woman pastor, which is not normally allowed by their denomination.

Berlin, Germany (2/18 -- 2/19, 2013)
This was also the first Zoe Seminar offered in Berlin, and it brought about 60 participants together, including laypersons, church leaders and five pastors from the Berlin area.

Dr. Kim, along with Pastor Sang-Yee Nam, our partner in Europe, was interviewed on a Christian Radio program, Voice of Gospel, in Timisoara, Romania. She was also interviewed on Christian television (TEN) show there, during which she shared the mission and the vision of our ministry in the States and in Europe.