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Sun, Oct 30, 2011

I Am With You Always

God is the only God and the God of love(1Ti 1:7; 1Jn 4:8). 
He alone is self-existing and completely satisfied, and 
He delights in dwelling with those whom He loves(Jn 14:6). 

The idea of being “alone” and that of being “with” 
Appear opposite, yet they are related. 
Whether God exists alone or with anyone, 
There is absolutely nothing that He lacks. 

Faith is making the decision to living with Him and 
The life of this faith is abiding with the Lord, 
Doing the work that pleases Him and never being lonely until the end. 

God made woman from one of Adam’s ribs and 
She became a helper suitable for him(Ge 2:18) for 
God alone lives alone. 

However, Adam sinned by the woman who was with him(Ge 3:12) and 
One of his sons killed the other and became a restless wanderer(Ge 4:8, Ge 4:12-13), for 
Sinner’s outcome is jealousy, mistrust and isolation. 

Moses was called while he was living alone in the desert(Ex 3:4). 
Thereafter, he held on to his rod alone and led the Israelites to exodus(Ex 4:15-7). 
In spite of the mistrust and the opposition of his own people, 
Moses was not lonely because God was with him. 

In the sanctuary, God promised to dwell in His name, Jehovah(1Ki 8:16). 
It reminded the Israelites that God was always with their fathers(Dt 2:7; 1Ki 8:57). 
Though the history of Israel was the continuation of lostness and captivity, 
They were thus comforted by the visible Temple(Mt 24:1). 

However, Jesus said, “Destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days”(Jn 2:19-21), 
Because through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body, 
He would tear down the name Jehovah that was outside the body and 
Give the name Yeshua that is in the minds and the hearts of men(He 8:9-10). 

In the beginning was the Word in the bosom of the Father and 
He is the only God(Jn 1:1, Jn 1:18). 
In the last days, the Word became flesh and dwelled among men and 
He is Immanuel(Jn 1:14; Mt 1:23). 

Though the multitudes neglected Him and the disciples betrayed Him, 
Jesus was never lonely for the Father is always with Him(Jn 8:29, Jn 16:32). 

As He died alone, Jesus said, “It is finished”(Jn 19:30), declaring that He: 
1. Fulfilled the Father’s will and committed His soul to Him(Lk 23:46); 
2. Condemned the divider(Ge 3:4-6); and 
3. Through His blood of redemption set souls free(Eph 1:7). 
Jesus rose and ascended to the heavenly throne(Ac 5:30) and: 
1. He is eternally with the Father and became one with Him(1Co 15:28; Rev 21:22); and 
2. He eternally dwells through the Holy Spirit with those who long to be with Him(Jn 16:7; Rev 3:20). 
The man of the Spirit is 
He whose heart is totally filled with Yeshua and His name(Jn 16:17-22). 
Though alone, he is never lonely; though isolated, he is never alone. 
He is content whether he is married or not for 
He is totally satisfied with the Lord alone(1Co 7:29-30, 1Co 7:40). 
Therefore, He goes into his room for an intimate fellowship with the Lord, and 
Lives attached to the body of Christ, the church(Rev 21:2-4; 1Co 3:16). 
Furthermore, going to the ends of the earth, he makes disciples and 
Finally gains a helper(1Ki 18:22, 1Ki 19:4). 

O Lord, 
We are isolated from the world and segregated even from the church community, 
But we are not lonely or afraid because You are with us. 
Let us walk alone with You, with the name Yeshua! 
Until You take us in that day, let us love one another all the more. 
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