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Sun, May 19, 2019

The Ministry Received From the Lord Yeshua

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The Ministry Received From the Lord Jesus
(Rm1:14-17; Ac20:22-24)

God is the Lord of grace.
Grace comes from Him and
He gives grace to those whom He gives grace (Ex33:19).

Faith is receiving His grace and
The life of this faith is testifying the gospel of His grace as the indebted paying back his debt (Rm1:14).

Depending on who commanded what
The one given the task would have a varying sense of duty.
As such, the one who received the ministry to testify the gospel from the Lord Yeshua
Considers itself grace as
It is entirely up to the giver to decide to whom and what is given as gift (grace).

The Law that God gave Israel was the law of retribution (Ex21:23-25, 22:1) where
One cannot pay the price of another’s sin (Eze18:20).

At the same time, however, the Law included the law of atonement where
Animals died in place of men (Lev4:3-4):
The sin offerings given in the sanctuary where
The mercy seat or atonement cover was above the ark with the stone tablets (Ex25:21).

According to the prophecy about the One who would carry the sins of men like a sheep (Is53:4-7)
Yeshua appeared and said, “Destroy the temple and I will raise it again in three days” (Jn2:19),
Enraging the Jews who eventually handed Him over to death.
However, through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body,
He would become a ransom for all men in Adam (Mt20:28) and
Pay the price of their sin in place of them for
He is the Word that became flesh (Jn1:1, 14),
The God who came as man, the last Adam (1Co15:45).

As He died He said, “It finished” (Jn19:30), declaring that He:
1) Repaid with His life for the grace of the Father who gave Him all things (Jnh2:8-9; He1:2);
2) Condemned the devil the ungrateful one (Is14:12-15; Ge3:4-6); and
3) By grace gave the redeeming blood to all men (Eph1:7).

He resurrected and sat on the heavenly throne of grace (He4:16),
The throne which He received from the Father as grace and
The throne from which He would be gracious to all mankind.

The Holy Spirit whom He sent is the Spirit of grace who
Lets grace be known (1Co2:12):
The precious blood of the only Son (1Pe1:18-20)
Given as gift to a wretch like me, worth less than a dead dog (2Sa9:8).

The Christian knows the grace he received and
Thus even if there is hardship or trouble before him,
He is constrained by the Spirit
To testify the gospel, the ministry received from the Lord Yeshua.
And he does it without boasting (1Co9:16)
For the borrower is the slave of the lender (Pr22:7) and
He knows that if he is silent and waits,
Punishment will overtake him (2Ki7:8-9),
As he longs for the greater grace to be brought to him
At the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ (1Pe1:13).

O Lord,
Thank You that, though less than a dead dog I am
You considered me to be gracious to me and called me.
The amazing grace of this precious blood!
This servant will testify until my last breath. Amen.
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