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Sun, Aug 22, 2021

Yeshua the Rock Eternal

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Yeshua the Rock Eternal
(Ps31:1-3; 1Co10:4)

God is the God of truth without iniquities (Dt32:4).
He is perfect, just, righteous, and upright.
To those who trust Him He becomes the solid rock, the security of their salvation.

Faith is making God one’s rock eternal and trusting Him (Is26:4) and
The life of this faith is to not be shaken no matter what and always taking refuge in Him (Ps71:3).

While men have built on rocks and sought refuge between rocks for
Rocks are not easily shaken and thus safe,
The Bible says that there is no eternal safety zone on earth for
All heavens, earth, mountains, islands and the entire universe will be shaken
During the great tribulation (Rev6:13-17), after which
The first heaven and the first earth will pass away (2Pe3:7, 10-13; Rev21:1).
This is because Satan who fell from heaven and was contained in Hades (2Pe2:24; Jude1:6) will be
Thrown into the fire of hell (Mt25:41; Rev20:14).

Deceived by this Satan, the devil, the ancestor of all men Adam sinned and
Then was driven out of the Garden (Ge3:4-6, 24).
Consequently, all men became fugitives being chased by sin, death, and the devil (Ge4:14).

The Israelites who left Egypt went through the Red Sea on dry ground (Ex14:9, 1Co10:1)
While the Egyptians who chased them were swept into the Sea (Ex14:27-28).
After entering the wilderness, a safety zone where God left them,
Israel drank the water that sprang out of rock for 40 years (Dt8:15).
The sanctuary where the name Jehovah was reminded them that:
Jehovah = the God of Israel = the Rock of Israel (2Sa23:3), so that
They would trust only the name and live.

However, for they abandoned the rock of their salvation they were cursed (Dt32:15, 31, 37).
Then there was the prophecy regarding the appearance of a holy place or
A stone who would cause people to stumble (Is8:14-15).

Yeshua said, “Destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days,” for which
He became a stumbling stone for the Jews.
However, through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body (Jn2:19),
Not in the name Jehovah but in the Father’s name Yeshua (Jn5:43)
He would reveal that He is the spiritual, eternal rock (1Co10:4),
The shelter for sinners pursued by sin and the Law to hide and live (Jn8:2-11).

As He died, He said, “It is finished” (Jn19:30), declaring that He:
1) Put an end to the weak life of the Son of Man (Pr30:24, 26) and His spirit sought refuge in
the Father’s bosom, the eternal rock (Ps16:8-11, 31:5; Lk23:46);
2) Judged the devil the origin of sin (1Jn3:8); and
3) Gave His blood that sprang out from the rock His body to all men as spiritual drink (Jn4:14, 6:54; 1Co10:4).

He resurrected and sat on the heavenly throne as the Lamb whose scars are
Rock crevices for those who seek refuge in Him, so they will never be put to shame (Rm9:33).

The Holy Spirit comes to those who received the name Yeshua and
Drank the spiritual drink from their Rock.
The Spirit leads those pursued by sin, the Law, death and the devil and
To their hiding place, the church built in the name Yeshua,
An unbreakable rock that the gates of Hades will not prevail (Mt16:16-18, 18:20).

The Christian understands all signs in the world as the beginning of tribulation (Mt24:6-8; Lk21:11).
Therefore, all the more he puts effort to gather (He10:20) and
He distances himself from idolatry (greed), sexual immorality (befriending the world),
Testing the Lord (1Co10:5-10).
When tested, he stands firm on the rock (Rm5:1-5; Jas1:3-4) and runs to Yeshua and prays,
Trusting only in the name Yeshua and His word that stands forever (1Pe1:24-25) so that
On the last day, he would be lifted out of the burning universe (Ps40:1-2) and
Finally enter the eternal safety zone, the Father’s bosom.

O Lord,
Yeshua, my Rock eternal, my Refuge!
We are in the midst of this pandemic and seeing countless disasters around the world
We know that the end is near…
Let us be as wise as hyraxes that have little power, yet make their home in the crags (Pr30:26), and
Let us run into the church, our hiding place on earth, and
Gather, pray, and worship successfully.
And on the last day, let the rock of ages open before us! Amen.
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