Sermon Summary

1. According to the sermon, faith is knowing the greatest thing is(He2:1-4):
a. The salvation of souls
b. Receiving healing
c. Receiving gifts
d. Keeping the Law

2. The LORD God did great works through all of the following, except:
a. Noah
b. The nation of Israel
c. Moses
d. Adam

3. According to the sermon, how is the Name of Yeshua different from the name of Jehovah (Mt1:21; Jn5:43; Ex3:2, 15)?
a. Yeshua is the Name of the Father
b. Jehovah is the God of spiritual salvation
c. Yeshua is the Name given through an Angel
d. Jehovah is the Name given to gentiles

4. Through His death and resurrection, Yeshua (2Pe2:19):
a. Forgives sins of all men in Adam
b. Establishes the Old Covenant of blood
c. Saves souls from slavery to the devil
d. Starts a new kingdom on earth

5. True or false: the great work of the Father is raising the Son to life (Ps71:3; Jn10:18; He5:7).

6. Who was judged through the death of Yeshua?
a. All sinners
b. The ruler of death
c. All men of the Old Testament
d. All men in Adam

7. According to the sermon, _________ lets believers fear the retribution for the sin of those who ignore such a great salvation.
a. Yeshua
b. The church
c. The Holy Spirit
d. The name of God

8. The Christian:
a. Lives for the salvation of his soul
b. Does the greatest work of saving souls
c. Endures hardship and shame for the greatest work
d. All of the above

1.a, 2.d, 3.a, 4.c, 5.true, 6.b, 7.c, 8.d